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    is there any other types of m.d.f?

    High density is HDF (high density fibreboard), not MDF (medium density fibreboard).
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    Clouds of steam.

    Thanks for the response, can you do this? does it work?
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    Hello Frank, have you got me those potatoes yet?
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    Freddie, if you actually had the power to ban him from the forum, would you do so?
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    A form of Democracy?

    You should see what I've got on underneath!
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    Clouds of steam.

    We just had a Worcester Greenstar condensing combi fitted in our cellar and every time it fires we have large clouds of steam rising past our living-room window. Is it possible to duct this away or to make it disperse faster?
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    is there any other types of m.d.f?

    Just to be pedantic, I don't think that lightweight is actually MDF but LDF, and the white-faced variety is HDF.
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    Where did that hole come from?

    Or maybe Tony Blair would be standing there throwing money into it whilst explaining that he isn't Bush's poodle.
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    Dr who, did you see it

    If they're keeping Billie Piper on I might be persuaded to take on the role of Doctor myself! By the way, I think the doctor is nothing but a showoff with his sonic screwdriver, why can't he use a cordless like the rest of us?
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    wanna chat??

    What, along the lines of how long you can keep a post going with no content?
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    Showers - pull cords

    our shower will flow cold when the power is off. The water is from the mains, the power switch (pull cord) only switches the shower on so it can heat the water. I would check the fuses.
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    stupid diy tv shows?

    wonder what the quality's like?
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    stupid diy tv shows?

    draw a map to show the CIA where their their own *rseholes are.
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    stupid diy tv shows?

    I recently read that the DIY boom is in decline because people are realising that things are not as easy or as quick as they appear to be on the telly. The article I read said that more people are now hiring tradespeople to do the work.
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    Post hole borer

    We used to hire these 2 man borers quite often. When going into soft or sandy soil they can't be beaten. When you hit a rock though, it nearly wrenches your arms out of their sockets trying to stop the handle spinning. Unfortunately this means that every time you use one you are completely...
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    "England Our England"

    If the rest of the english were like FWL_engineer there wouldn't be any immigration problems at all. Mind you, you'd probably have to start paying people not to emigrate :)
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    A form of Democracy?

    Why should people take you seriously if you resort to insulting them?
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    A form of Democracy?

    What if someone continued to abstain on the grounds that they didn't agree with the system? This business of 10% of constituents or mp's ganging up against an mp or the pm would not work. There would be constant power struggles with factions developing, and an mp would be afraid of putting a...