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    How to heat a single room?

    don't forget to claim the cost back from the tax man
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    RF stat not working

    If its built into the boiler you should use a gas engineer, if it is external the transmitter and receivers are on back plates that anyone can swop with the power off. If its build in consider changing to external controls as they are generally a lot cheaper.
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    Modern Toilet Advice

    A good plumber can and will find away to make it fit. You need to look at the technical information supplied with any toilet as to the size and dimensions (search the web for the loo of your choice). Position of the soil pipe may impact on the final look, I assume from your post the pipe...
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    External plumbing - copper or Speedfit?

    I prefer copper, lag it well, install a drain off at the lowest point, make sure you have a stop cock or isolation valve inside and turn it off and drain it when it gets really cold.
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    New unvented tank on Bore hole supply

    I`m assuming you mean you have a vented hot water tank. A pump on the hot water maybe a cheaper option.
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    Biasi 28s DHW is only luke warm.

    I would investigate the plate to plate heat exchanger as it maybe blocked. Do the heating pipes to the rads heat when running the hot water? If so the diverter may be duff.
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    Need new gas fire and fireplace - help!

    Hate to say this but have thought of an electric style fire. For the cost of fitting an inefficient gas fire you could buy a trendy electric one that doubles as a tv. :idea:
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    What would be a reasonable cost for installing this boiler?

    £300-£400 quid a day is cheap. Not sure which world you live in but after tax and other expenses a business would net less than half that :cry:
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    What would be a reasonable cost for installing this boiler?

    Pay my tax,fuel,registration,basic running costs,tools,bills,food cost and drinking money for me and my family for a year and I will fit the boiler for free with a powerflush. :lol:
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    boiler warranty question with regards to servicing (Ferroli)

    Not if you cant prove it was serviced, as with any warranty they will find a way to charge if you don't keep up your end of the bargain. I have had worcester agree to complete a repair free just out of warranty but they want your custom Ferrolli appear not to care. Try to raise an official...
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    Ferroli boiler no heating or hot water

    Even worse from this post your the landlord, get a qualified engineer to sort this issue your tennants don`t pay good money for you to kill them :evil:
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    Ferroli modena 80E boiler , no hot water or heating

    Yes dont fit the gas valve yourself, get a fully qualified engineer to fit it.
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    Worcester cdi rsf hot water problem

    The most likely cause of the fault you describe is the plate to plate heat exchanger being blocked. There are other common faults with the CDI range the hot water diaphram fails about every 5 years. If you can attach temp probes to the flow and return each side of the plate the flow temp...
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    co2 present, Ferroli F30

    It takes far longer than two mins to carry out a fumes investigation correctly
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    co2 present, Ferroli F30

    carless,jobless,homeless when their investigated.
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    co2 present, Ferroli F30

    Yes TOFO is used by lazy carless gas engineers who cant do their job. All cases of CO must be investigated.
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    co2 present, Ferroli F30

    nickso Actions to take as stated on the HSE web site!!!! What should I do if I think my appliance is spilling carbon monoxide? Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 Switch off the appliance and shut off the gas supply at the meter control valve Open all doors and...
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    co2 present, Ferroli F30

    It's under their remit and all reports of CO have to be investigated when reported. If you ever want to stop smoking do a check on the air you breath in from a cigaret, hits 50 to 60 ppm made me stop.
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    co2 present, Ferroli F30

    At 4 ppm the cat could have farted. If you are in any doubt call the emergency gas provider possibly SGN 0800 111999 they will call in and do a fumes investigation.
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    co2 present, Ferroli F30

    background co levels normally around 2ppm