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    Not another boiler kettling question

    Hi all Apologies for not getting back sooner. I put the house through that online calculator and it gave me 12kw. The total length of radiators is 16 metres. I have my doubts about whether some of these rads are big enough. Our daughter's bedroom is 10'x12', north facing with a large...
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    Noisy TRV

    Hi The rad in our 4yr old's bedroom makes loud clicking noises as it heats up in the morning, which is waking her up (she never had a problem last winter - presumably a phase she is going through!). We are currently switching off the rad at night, but it gets very cold in there (north facing...
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    Not another boiler kettling question

    Hi all Looking for a bit of advice. Here's the problem:- we have a Potterton Suprema 50 boiler in a 4 bed house. Someone has told us this boiler is not up to the job for the size of house. The boiler has always kettled since we moved in 2 years ago. It used to sound like (duh) a kettle...
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    Will pipes be behind skirting or under floor?

    It's not microbore (I don't think so anyway). The pipes coming out of the walls into the radiators are 10mm, but presumably I still need to find the main flow & return pipes? I guess this is what I meant in my original question.
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    Can I lay carpet on laminate flooring?

    Hi all The above says it all really - we have laminate flooring in our living room and want carpet instead. Should I take the laminate up first or can I fit the grippers on it and carpet over it all? Thanks in advance Andy
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    Will pipes be behind skirting or under floor?

    Hi I would like to fit a new rad into a garage conversion (currently has an elec heater). The nearest CH pipes are in the bedroom above, so I was thinking of bringing new pipes down from there through the ceiling. I don't want to be lifting up floorboards all over the place trying to find the...
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    Central heating "kettling"

    Hi all A few months ago I flushed the system (I forget which product) then added an inhibitor, but have found that it is still "kettling". The boiler will come on then after a minute the pipework starts making sounds like a kettle coming to the boil. A minute later the boiler shuts off (I...