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    Quick Q - silicone onto the grout

    Around the edges, the tiler has grouted and not put any silicone around the edges of the shower tray. In order to fix this, do i around the edges of the shower tray , remove the grout at the bottom and put in the silicone, or put the silicone on top of the grout? thanks!
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    Payment for tiler (withholding payment) query.

    right update Got a tiler in 2nd opinion Should not be straight tiled onto plywood , should be on mesh subfloor (what Paul C said) 25mm gaps at the top. Should have measured it right or tiler being lazy new Tiler said it should take max 2 days work to the work (not near 2 weeks ) So over paid...
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    Payment for tiler (withholding payment) query.

    Sorry for the wall of text ! looking for some advice We have recently had our upstairs bathroom completely revamped. 2 guys (related) plumber and tiler . We have used the plumber before (with no issues) Tiles where going on the walls and on the floor. The floor was a wooden floor (lifted up...
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    Porch insulation/plastering felt query

    Hi , We have a porch with one brick wall (other neighbors porch is on the other side) one large window, one window (with door in the middle) , and then the main door into the house. There is no heating in this room. We are plastering the walls (and ceiling) . currently ceiling is a wooden...
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    screed depth for elec. UFH on timber suspended floor

    sorry no. floating timber floor getting 100mm insulation underneath (as currently no insulation under the floorboards) Then on top of the floating timber floor want to put electric under floor heating. On top of the electric floor heating will be laminate flooring.
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    screed depth for elec. UFH on timber suspended floor

    thanks for the quick reply. the 75mm is that for electric under floor heating or just normal (wet) piped under floor heating?
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    screed depth for elec. UFH on timber suspended floor

    Hopefully this in the right place. Got the garage converted into a room last year. Room has NO insulation under the floorboards. So v cold in winter in the morning. Floor is plywood with a gap under it of approx 160mm Plan is to put insulation under floor board (approx 100mm)...
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    Housing unit for oil boiler for outside

    hi I have a 25 year old (oil) boiler (working well) Its currently in the garage. Looking to move it outside. Looking to know can you get an external metal housing unit for it? I did look into a new boiler, but i only go through approx 1300 litres a year (3 bedroom semi) the cost...
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    Electric UFH Laminainte on suspended flooring.

    Summary: Garage converted into a childrens playroom. Radiators in, Walls beaded / double glazing etc.. AT times we have to put the heating on just to heat up that room. Rest of the house is toasty warm. current flooring: concrete floor (from orginal garage) with woodend suspended timber...
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    2 sets of tv eyes , that dont interfere with each other?

    Quick query, Im looking to know can you setup 2 sets of sky digital tv eyes , that dont interfere with each other? (sorry bad wording but best i can do!) background we have sky mutliroom, in the kitchen i can watch sky+ from one room (using TV RF) it has a sky tv eye under the TV, it...
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    Building Control garage conversion and fire rating ?

    We are going through building control converting part of a garage into a room. The other part (external door access) contains the boiler and garage bits and pieces (approx 2.5m by 2.7m area) walls between this area and the rest of the garage is seperated by stud frame (2 by 4s)...
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    varnishing slate?

    The heat from the fire (electric or coal) will dry the slate out. so it may need to be done often!
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    varnishing slate?

    use wd40 thats what i use! brings them up well. though you have to do it after every time you light the fire.
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    Microwave energy effiiency question

    You can get a microwave with built in grill, my old microwave had it. You can put stuff in combi mode, and it will flick between microwave and grill. A microwave does cook food, for example tt can do bacon (3 minutes) (and if its on combi mode it browns off the bacon)
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    New Kitchen (lots of images)

    Its an "Amana" make (not sure of model will update this message later on with it), they are expensive in the uk (£2k+) but the one we got was a shop demo (never been swithed one, and had all the plastic still inside it) we got it for £1100. Its a true american fridge (made in chicago), we where...
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    New Kitchen (lots of images)

    then ideally they would need to be in the kitchen than in the hall way, probably where im going wrong. The ones in the hall way really only get used if we are hoovering or going up the stairs at night, thats it! the ones in the kitchen would be on for around about 1-2hours a night...
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    New Kitchen (lots of images)

    Couldnt really! shes pregnant! A local provider (im in northern ireland) called woodwise in portadown. i know what you mean! Though if we got a nice black radiator, i think it would look too big (so we would have to get a smaller one , though that entails moving pipes , which would mean...
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    New Kitchen (lots of images)

    she did, she knew there would be a mess, and we did try as much as possible put up plastic sheeting to cover doors etc.. but still dust and dirt got everywhere.. The tracking defn was the worst, when i was tracking she went out shopping! By the time she came back the dust had settled...