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    Control wiring

    Thanks for the info. I'll run a cable in later from the programmer and hopefully that should fix the problem. I'm sure the 3 port valve should be ok as it's brand new.
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    Control wiring

    I am having problems with the control wiring in my central heating system. The boiler is a Baxi solo 40, controlled from a Drayton Tempus 7 programmer, a Horstmann Z322XL 3 port valve, with a cylinder and room stat. The problem I'm having is the central heating will not come on without the...
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    Solid Oak Flooring

    Hi I want to fit an oak floor on the ground floor of my house. There is a concrete floor which is prety level, and the flooring I want to fit is 6inch wide solid oak planks with a tongue and grove on all edges. What is the best method for fitting this type of floor? I have read that it...