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    Fireplace flues!

    A fire IS NOT a diy job, call a professional.
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    Radiator TRV Advice

    Yes, Use a junior hacksaw and cut across the olive but don't cut it too deep or you could cut into the pipe. Keep looking at the olive and when you see copper just rotate the hacksaw slightly. When you get a groove in the olive, use a flat head screwdriver and twist to snap the olive off. Hope...
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    Radiator Automatic Vent - is it a fix?

    i think you are due a new one. Get it replaced and see if the problem persists
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    Vokera Compact 28, Red Light on, locking out & not firin

    I have one of these boilers in my house and this lock out happens regularly. I have found that if you cut main power to it for 10 minutes and then turn it on again it resets and works ok until the next lockout. Turn off at the fused spur and leave for 30 minutes. It turned out to be the...
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    Anyone been to a british gas assesment day for plumbing job

    WE did some sub-contracting work for BG and what a nightmare that turned out to be. They give you a price on the job sheet and then when you have finished the job they have started this depreciation of the total figure and come up with a totally different one to the price agreed. Only at BG
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    Biasi Problem For Young Newbie DIYer

    Not if it works fine, That was a suggestion to find out what was failing
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    Biasi Problem For Young Newbie DIYer

    Try this PJ create a loop between 1 & 3 on the external controls terminal block and use the boiler controls to check if each is working independently and together. If one or both do not work with maximum settings on then I want you to try this before replacing the stat. Next take off the...
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    Biasi Problem For Young Newbie DIYer

    Yet again you are showing your lack of detailed knowledge, Zimmers! (No denying) Tony depends if you have a 2 or 3 wire room stat???? or even a zero volt one?? So tony you was right it is Zimmers. Time for a new id mate. Blue peter badge for the next member to bust zimmers.
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    Unusual Ventilation Requirements for Hotpoint Gas Hob GF640

    sounds like someone is trying to keep the sparks in business by insisting domestic cookers are installed to commercial specs
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    Air buttons for concealed cisterns

    forget the air button.... get a new wife who has more interesting things to be bored with looking at. does she sit on the toilet with her back to the door and her facing the systern! :lol:
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    Condensation problem

    i take it zimmers is the practical billy no mates/brain and when ridiculed he changes sex, clothes, passport blah blah blah. We should start a comp and see who spots zimmers first
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    Why is my CH so rubbish? (Potterton Puma 100e Combi Boiler)

    How much do these cowboys down south want to charge to stick a £15 bottle of cleanser in and return a week later to clean it out and stick an inhibitor in. £200 per hour ..... not bad
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    Condensation problem

    looks like bad news.... no reply
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    Length of gas pipe for boiler in loft??

    The keston not the Worcester bosch
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    Length of gas pipe for boiler in loft??

    these can be installed on a open vented system and work, although the manufacturer recommends a pressurized system
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    powerflush and innhibitor help

    a power flusher from hss would cost you £55 for the day. I would go with the magnaclean as you can add your cleaner and inhibitor once installed and clean it as often as you like. Wont help for larger blockages like the power flush which would break down build up a lot better
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    Only in this country

    And she would have done this to get compensation. Most people in this country think they are entitled to money for which they have not earned it. We have become a (if theres a blame culture) and when the government pay money out like they do everyone wants a slice. I was watching my exhaust...
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    baxi prv part number

    any spares company should stock these just ring them and they will help you.
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    Porn ?

    no i bet the lazy gets are still in bed
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    No hot water, central heating perfect - Glowworm Combi

    take the thermostat off the cylinder and see if it heats up. If it does the stats broke.