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    Are consumer 13A sockets double-pole switched ?

    Quote /It obviously has to be a guess but, per the above, I suspect that the majority of switches in sockets installed 24 years ago were probably SP - which I imagine is probably what you suspect.Quote/ Regarding this, however, My grandmothers house had DP switched sockets (made by MEM)...
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    Bathroom Extractor - Refuse to Reconnect?

    What I am saying is I cannot very well go into a shop and open up the sealed packaging of something I haven't paid for. Fair enough I know that! I never said it couldn't. I am just considering all the options available since the type of wiring depends on the type of fan i.e. if the...
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    Bathroom Extractor - Refuse to Reconnect?

    Good Morning Everybody Thank you very much for your help. ??? Ok. I was more thinking that the instructions supplied with a new fan might suggest it etc. No, this is the problem. It is a single core 1.5mm cable coming from the load side of the shower switch-shower supplied from...
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    Bathroom Extractor - Refuse to Reconnect?

    OK then, shaft, whatever you want to call it I will have to look for a suitable fan if replacement is necessary, but I don't want to get one, open the packaging and find it cannot be installed in that location. No instructions for the present fan installed 15-20 years ago. I initially...
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    Bathroom Extractor - Refuse to Reconnect?

    Good Evening Everybody When I went to look at one the other week, I found that the L + N were fed from the lighting circuit but switched L directly from the shower switch! (Electricity Board job!!!). The fan looks to me as though it has had it but someone has suggested to try cleaning the...
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    Minimum IP rating for bathroom fan?

    Hello Everybody I know somebody who has a wall mounted bathroom fan to remove steam etc which is mounted directly above the shower. I have referred to the fan in a previous topic and the present fan no longer works. If the person wants the fan replaced what would be the minimum IP...
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    Bathroom Fan and BARE TAILS problem

    Afternoon Everybody Thanks for the ideas and help Yes I see what you mean. I have to say though that if there is an FCU etc anywhere it will have to be inthe attic above. I will be returning again so I might have a look next time. Regarding the tails, has anybody ever seen this...
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    Bathroom Fan and BARE TAILS problem

    Evening Everybody Just went to somebodys house this evening to look at a bathroom fan making a slight "humping" sound and not turning so freely. Firstly what is probably the problem with the fan, could it be dust/fluff/dirt? I have not taken a proper look yet. I did remove the very...
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    Is circuit/wiring for Hob ok?

    Hi, sorry I haven't replied earlier. Ignore what I suggested about the incoming Neutral tail, since I now know the tails are VIR (the pictures given are ok) and unlikely to be in good condition as others have said. The tails are also more likely to be 50+ years old than 25+. Although the...
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    Is circuit/wiring for Hob ok?

    Back to the topic of this post, Yes that looks like it I'll also point out the earthing conductors are not sleeved and also why are there two cables in the garage MCB (blue)?, one of which is black-all phase (live) conductors are red/brown! If you look carefully at the main Neutral...
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    Photos of my CU. to be replace.

    Stardanny, I would just like to point out, is that a 40/45 Amp MCB (green button) in the Wylex consumer unit? If so then some improvements do need to be made since the fuseways in these Wylex boards are only designed for a maximum of 30 Amp. If you do you can find some pictures of...
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    installing a consumer unit in acordance with 17th regs

    I a few weeks back brought up this topic myself // I also just found this topic written a while back which I have to say, I very much agree with the point's made out in it. // Regards
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    What colour coded cable is used for electrical courses?

    Evening everybody I know it might seem a rather daft question, but for electrical installation courses in technical colleges, is it harmonized cores used only in the practical workshops? Since when these students go to do real work on site, at the present time and for a long time to come...
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    New World Cooker Problem

    Evening Everybody My mothers electric cooker (ceramic hob) is not working how it should be. The hobs/rings are meant to automatically switch off (depending on setting I think) when a certain temperature is reached. This occurs with more than one ring I was told the oven behaved similar...
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    Caravan With German Wiring/Sockets

    Evening Everybody Sorry to go on about all this but I had a better look today and found a few things. I plugged a 4 way extension into one of the sockets via the adaptor and the earth pin of the plug DOES make contact with the earthing contact of the socket. However I plugged a socket...
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    Caravan With German Wiring/Sockets

    Cheers Everybody!! ???
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    Caravan With German Wiring/Sockets

    Evening, Thanks for everyones help so far. The house supply is TT with main S type 100 mA RCD and 30mA for all sockets and outdoor circuits. I am actually aware of the flexible cord requirements for caravan installations, I have another caravan I own myself and I wired it using flex...
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    Caravan With German Wiring/Sockets

    Evening all My younger sister has just bought a caravan for her and her partner to stay in when they visit my place (very often) and will be leaving it where it is. I looked at the electrics, probably original with the caravan (1989), and noticed the following: Supply inlet usual 16 amp...
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    RCDs, lights and the "old lady on the stairs" issu

    Now it is common practice to use a dual RCD cosumer unit and often put the downstairs power and upstairs lights on one RCD and vice versa for the other RCD, isn't the statement above now more likely to occur more say if a faulty appliance downstairs e.g.fridge tripped the RCD and therefore the...
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    Spinner Leaking From Outer Case

    Any ideas anybody? Sorry rather an old topic :oops: :? Regards