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    I had a really bad DIY disaster.

    When I was younger I decided to be nice to my sister and made her bed for her. I pulled out the bed to tuck the quilt down the back and when I did I knocked the top of the plug off for her light which was plugged in behind her headboard. She used to put her hand underneath the headboard to...
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    Hotpoint WMA63 leaking

    We have had our machine for quite some time and when there is about 12 minutes left on the cycle the machine pours water onto the floor. We cannot see where the water is coming from. My husband has checked all hoses and there is no holes. Is there a filter on these machines as we cannot find...
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    New shower with existing 6mm cable

    Hi i'm really sorry but can someone please confirm is the maximum kw for a shower with a 6mm cable an 8.5kw or can we go higher.
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    Gainsborough Energy 2000x Shower

    But it has been fine for over 4 years so how is it just blowing now?
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    Gainsborough Energy 2000x Shower

    Do you have the 9.5kW or the 10.8kW model? 10.8kW How long has the shower been running when the protective device trips? Approximately 15-20 mins What type of protective device do you have? 30A Fuse in Main box How far away is the shower from that point? Approx 8 metres What's...
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    Gainsborough Energy 2000x Shower

    I have a Gainsborough Energy 2000x Shower which worked perfectly well until the last couple of months. Now after the shower has been on for quite a while the fuse in the main fuse box gets really hot and blows. Does anyone know what the problem might be.