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    Boiler not firing up for central heating.

    Hi, I have a Potterton combi boiler (5 years old) and it has stopped firing up when in CH mode. I've reset the Boss BPS242RF receiver and green light is on but boiler doesn't fire up. Fires up fine for hot water at taps. Thanks for any advice.
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    asbestos in loft

    Can you remove it yourself without drilling it? If so damp it down,wear a dust mask and remove it. Double bag it and take it to council tip they don't charge. If house is later than circa 1976 it is unlikely to be asbestos.
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    Boiler wont start.

    Thanks a lot. Reset straight away.
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    Boiler wont start.

    Hi folks, I had to drain down part of CH system to move a radiator. Have pressured system back up (W-B 350 combi) but stand by light hasn't come back on and boiler wont fire up. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Keel
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    Hi, Can anybody tel me if radiators can be piped up in & out across the top, or will that mean they will always be cold at the bottom? Thanks for any info.
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    chipped door frames

    Hi, I have just moved into an old house. Most of the door frames have chips in them. The paint is quite thick due to years of overpainting which makes the chips look bad. Are there any quick fixes or do I have to get all paint off and start again? Any advice appreciated.
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    ceiling damage/discolouration

    Thanks will give it a go.
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    ceiling damage/discolouration

    Daughter managed to let bath overflow and now the kitchen ceiling has brown stains running all along plaster board joints. Any advice on what paint will cover stains as emulsion has no affect. Any help appreciated.
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    dripping combi overflow

    Hi, I have a worcester Bosch 350 combi boiler. It has started to drip from the overflow and thus loses pressure slowly over a few days.(it as only a slow drip). Has anyone got an idea what the problem is? All answers greatfully received.
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    Boiler low pressure wont re-set.

    Thanks for all advice. Tried all except shorting the wiring. Was going to try this but tried giving it a few 'taps' with hammer & screwdriver. After a dozen 'taps' it reset itself.Thanks again for help.
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    Boiler low pressure wont re-set.

    Hi Dave, took pressure up to 3 bar but light has stayed on. Is switch an easy item to replace?
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    Boiler low pressure wont re-set.

    Thanks Dave, How high dare I pressure it to?
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    Boiler low pressure wont re-set.

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch 350 combi boiler. Yesterday the low system pressure light came on. The pressure was low so I pressured it back up to normal but the low pressure light has stayed on and of course boiler wont fire up. Has anybody got any ideas on what I can do? All advice gratefully...
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    tiling around bath.

    Thanks lancenotalot for advice. Will leave gap.
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    tiling around bath.

    Hi, have just fitted a new bath. it fits snuggly between 3 walls. Is it ok to tile up from the bath (it is level)or do I have to leave a gap? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    pinhole leak

    Hi Guys, have looked at several answers to pinhole questions but not clear what answer is. I have a tiny pinhole leak in CH pipe. Can I drain it down and dab a bit of solder on it or is it a cut out job? Any advice appreciated.
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    work tops

    Hi. I would like to change my worktops and would just like to ask as to which types are are now regarded as the 'modern' look. Kitchen units are light birch colour. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Hi, have got a north facing fence(vertical plank type) and it has gone green with some type of growth. Does anybody know how to get rid of it and stop it coming back. then what is the best product for staining it ? Thanks for any advice.
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    condensation outside!!

    Had some double glazed units fitted last year. On one of the units I sometimes get condensation on outside of outside glass.I can go outside and wipe it clear. Firm who fitted them no longer in business. Is it possible that unit has been fitted 'inside out'? Anybody got any ideas please?
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    no hot water from tap.

    OAP neighbours bungalow gets good flow of hot water from hot tap in kitchen,but bathroom hot tap has no flow except first thing in morning when it gets small flow then stops. Any help would be appreciated