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    DIY Wet Room

    Created some space in upstairs bathroom and would like to install a small wet room (1200mm x 900mm). Flooring chipboard with 180mm space below. Anyone any experience of installing using wet room kits or do's and don'ts and recommendations.
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    worcester bosch gas boiler water temperature.

    Can the water temperature on a worcester bosch greenstar 28i combi gas boiler be altered. had ours since december 2007 and hot water never seems to be very hot. I understand it is limited to 55 degs C is this correct and can it be upped a bit?
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    Urgent: Glow-worm Space-saver Mk 11

    Urgent: I am arranging to have the boiler removed and replaced with a worcester combi. There are five pipes coming out of existing glow-worm, one is gas pipe what will the other four be and how can I tell which are for radiator and which are for hot water?