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    Replacing a power cable to an adapter

    Hi all, On the basis that the only stupid question is the one that is not asked ..... I've got a power adapter that I use to charge a Li-Ion battery. The power cable end that plugs into the mains is European style on the mains end and cloverleaf on the end that plugs into the adapter. I...
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    Potterton Netaheat Mk2 10/16 - PCB availability ?

    Or maybe its POTTERTON NETAHEAT 10/16 PCB 205294 ?
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    Potterton Netaheat Mk2 10/16 - PCB availability ?

    doh .. I've been looking at the wrong thing. I was looking at the spark generator, not the PCB. Aftermarket (reconditioned) PCB's seem to a plenty for this boiler. Code seems to be POTTERTON NETAHEAT 10/16 PCB 205295. Is there any reason (other than the obvious, "we'd like to install a...
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    Potterton Netaheat Mk2 10/16 - PCB availability ?

    Boiler stopped working Friday evening. I noticed the 1amp fuse on the front had blown. I replaced this and this got the boiler working again. However, 2 hrs later, the boiler stopped working, and the fuse has NOT blown. Turning the dial no longer shows any spark inside. There' a click...
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    Potterton Netaheat Mk2 10/16 - PCB availability ?

    Hi all, I've got a sick Potterton Netaheat Mk2 10/16, which has been diagnosed with a faulty PCB. An engineer I had out popped along to his local supplier and picked up a replacement PCB, only to find it was the wrong type. Another trip resulted in yet another wrong PCB. A phone call to Baxi...
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    Low Hot water pressure

    Thanks chaps. At the affected tap is a mixer tap, I tried the method of holding the outlet of the tap, turning on hot, then cold for 30 seconds - made no difference. Tried this about 3 or 4 times. Then I attached the mains fed cold inlet to the washing to the hot inlet - I could feel the...
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    Low Hot water pressure

    Hi guys - experiencing a multitude of problems at the moment. Appologies if this is too long and I'll excuse those that can't be bothered to read it all. About 18 months ago we had a Thermostatic Power Shower fitted and a 2bar pump. There was no shower before. Pump was installed by a...
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    Hunting shower

    After an 2 bar Easiboost shower pump sprang a leak, I've replaced it with a Salamander RSP50 connected to a thermostatic shower unit (which was there when the easiboost failed). After fitting, on full hot - no problem. On full cold, the water is "pulsing", or hunting as I think folk in the...
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    Easiboost shower pump leak from hot side

    After 2 years and 1 week my Easiboost shower pump started to leak from the hot side. (1 week after warranty - strange eh?). Got new (shaft) seals, but cannot for the life of me, when taking the pump apart, how its leaking. Anyone had problem with this pump and fixed it? Or should I just...
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    Replacement washer

    My Showerforce Easiboost shower started leaking water from the hot water side last night. Typically, its 2 years and 1 week old (1 week over 2 year warranty). Bsaed on this, I decided to look at what was wrong. Seems that a washer has broken apart - although given that its on the hot water...
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    Identifying radiators order from boiler

    Second post for the night - hope there's no limit on the amount of knowledge I can suck from you guys (and gals!). I need to re balance our radiators, as we have two rads in the living/dining room that do not work, yet all other rads do. I've read guide after guide about how to balance...
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    Outdoor waste pipe - does it need to be solvent ?

    I accidentally snapped our waste pipe (on that feeds a kitchen basin, and washing machine waste) to the outside drain. Looking at the pipework I saw 40mm written on it - measured it - and the OD was about 43mm (give or take a mm). Popped into Wickes and bought a some 40mm pushfit. It...
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    Pump only works on #2 or #3, #1 with some persuasion

    Thanks all. Answered all my Q's :)
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    New socket - any rules on how the cable must run?

    Thanks ban-all-sheds.
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    Air brick required?

    Thanks for the clarification guys.
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    Air brick required?

    Hi all, Just had a corgi fellow around to cut off supply to an old 70's style gas fire. All good (incidently ... £30 to cap off incase anyone searchs for prices - this is in Milton Keynes). Anyway - I digress. The plan is to remove the gas fire off the wall - but do I need to use an...
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    New socket - any rules on how the cable must run?

    As part of a room redesign (the wife!), there's a consideration of moving a TV from one wall to the other. The only problem with this is that there's no electrical socket on that side of the wall. The nearest sock is about 8ft away, with a door in between. The wall is a partition wall to...
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    Pump only works on #2 or #3, #1 with some persuasion

    Hi all, For the past two or three days I've noticed that or CH pump is failing to turn when on #1 speed. Either tapping the unit, or moving the speed up to 2 or 3 makes the pump turn normally, but there's a lot of noise form the system (not the pump). Can blockages in the system prevent...
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    One bit of lock keep required

    Highly unlikely I appreciate, but I'm after a single component from a door lock keep. Take a look at the following image : See the silver bit? That's the bit that catches the door when pushed closed. I need that...
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    Protecting a door without altering the colour

    Yeah - your right - I was having a blonde moment, and did'nt think about clear varnish. However, as you say - despite it "doing what it says on the tin" (or plastic container in this case), it has changed the tone slightly, from a more washed out look, to a slightly "woodier" look. The...