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    pine timber floor boards

    Thanks for answering Big-all, i was meaning plain solid pine timber as found in timber yards, not treated, laminated or T&G etc just the regular stuff joiners use. The blue chipboard I was referring to the primary floor but as i live in a leasehold flat within a newly built block of flats...
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    pine timber floor boards

    This made sound daft, feel free to tell me so I want to remove my laminate flooring and lay ordinary planed edge pine timber boards (not sure what particular type of pine - its the stuff in Keyline, Wicks etc) on top of the boards beneath - I think they are some sort of chipboard, they have a...
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    Replacing laminate with proper floorboards

    I know that I seem to be doing the oposite to everyone one else in that I want to get rid of the laminate flooring that covers the whole flat and replace it with real wooden pine floor boards. Its a new build flat with large chipboards underneath the laminate. I want to create a classic looking...