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    Hotpoint WD440 - Flashing lights & thermostat tripping

    rocks1 - You were spot on. Split the heater box (7 x T20 torx bolts) & checked the fan which was ok, so just gave the blades a clean. Then removed the lower half of the heater box (6 x T30 torx bolts) & the gauze filter at the back of the heater box was pretty blocked. So removed it, gave...
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    Hotpoint WD440 - Flashing lights & thermostat tripping

    Have a WD440 which keeps tripping the thermostat during the drying program. Been trying a few things tonight and the following seems to be happening; It seems to dry ok on the lower heat setting. It seems to dry ok if I start on the lower heat setting then a few minutes in select the...
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    Worcester Danesmoor PJ 15-19 - Inter 99 Burner - Nozzle size

    I have a Worcester Danesmoor PJ 15-19 Oil fired Pressure jet boiler which dates back to about 1989-90. It has a Electro Oil Inter 99 burner fitted. It is fitted with a Danfoss 0.55 80°H nozzle ... which from what I can tell is the 'default' nozzle which would give approx. 17 kW output...
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    Plasterboard garage ceiling with room above - requirements

    My garage has a room (study /bedroom) above it. I want to take the ceiling in the garage down and replace it. What would I need to replace it with to meet current building / fire regs ? Would 1x15mm thick plasterboard, then skimmed with wet plaster be sufficient ?
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    Adding radiators - 2xdrop down or 1x drop down & run alo

    Want to add 2 radiators to my current Central Heating system. The radiators are to be placed in a garage space (ground floor) which has a room above it with 2 radiators installed (on first floor). The radiators being added are to be positioned below those in the room above. So I plan to drop...
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    Kahrs>Oak London 'vs' Oak Linnea -opinions / experiences

    Currently trying to decide what floor to lay in my living / dining room, which measure 7.6m x 4.2m (32 sq. m) approx. The house was built in 1990, has a concrete subfloor and all skirting boards have been removed. Intend to lay an engineered floor, floating with a tuplex DPM & underlay...
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    STAIRS: Wobbly newel posts, handrail & spindle removal

    Thanks for your responses gents ..... looks like it's a case of take it all a part and start again then !
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    STAIRS: Wobbly newel posts, handrail & spindle removal

    STAIRS: Fixing wobbly newel posts, handrail & spindle removal. On my stairs (house built 1990 standard straight flight of stairs with one newel post at the top, one at the bottom with a handrail & spindles between them) the handrail is very wobbly ...... the newel posts, particularly the one...
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    Baxi Solo Powered flue - Installation/user manual needed

    I'm looking for a installation / user manual for a "Baxi Solo Powered flue" wall mounted gas boiler. Had a look on the Baxi & themanualslibrary websites and none is shown for this boiler. So does anyone know where I might get some literature for this boiler ? The house is about 15-20 years...