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    A quick silly question…..

    It would be the third floor, but the block would become four stories
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    Hanging two gates.

    Only took 3 months!
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    Can I put a wooden roof on a concrete sectional garage?

    This is what I did with my sectional concrete garage and it worked perfectly
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    Tiles falling off - new build

    Don't let them use PVA. Honestly I think you should tell them to get someone else in who knows what they are doing...
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    Need a wall - who to contact?

    Carpenter to box it in.
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    Am I getting ripped off?

    But you don't know if that would be the case for your quote or not. He's said it is (currently) 15%, if his material prices increased then maybe he would have reported it as 14%
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    Am I getting ripped off?

    As I said earlier, my builder accidentally sent me his internal costing sheet. His overheads were calculated by line item and summed up and converted to a total % value that was then distributed over each line item in the project. He didn't directly send me his breakdown but it would have been...
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    Am I getting ripped off?

    What exactly do you think overheads are? He is not pocketing that money, it is spent on costs of running the project.
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    Loft conversion gable wall construction type

    Your house isn't rendered, so it would look pretty weird to have a rendered gable end... Hung tile on timber frame or brick (unrendered) would be allowed under the permitted development rules from my understanding.
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    Am I getting ripped off?

    It is unusual for a builder to send their you cost breakdown like that, but mine accidently sent me their internal spreadsheet for our loft conversion. From memory it had about 10% overheads (project management, QS, skip hire etc) and a 15% profit margin.
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    Boiler gas consumption

    No, you are mixing up kW and kWh (a kW per hour doesn't make sense). Your boiler will, presumably, modulate somewhat too. What are you hoping to achieve with these calculations?
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    Damsel in Distress! Elec sockets under sink?

    It's normal and nothing to worry about
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    Cutting Gloss White Cupboard End Panels

    Multitool with oscillating blade?
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    Internal Ethernet cables after Openreach gigabit FTTH install

    What is the purpose of a krone strip? The ethernet cables can just be plugged directly into the switch and run to wall sockets?
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    Internal Ethernet cables after Openreach gigabit FTTH install

    The homehub (router) needs to be between the ONT and other devices, so option 2 doesn't work, unless I misunderstand what you are talking about.
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    Opinions on switching from gas boiler to electric

    You're going wrong by assuming the boiler is outputting 24kWs. To produce the same amount of heat (assuming 90% efficiency) it would be using 5kW/0.9 * 10p = 55.5p/hr
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    Opinions on switching from gas boiler to electric

    I can 100% guarantee it will not be cheaper for the tenant... And if you are changing rads every 5 years there are some other problems!
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    Have we lost a phase? EV charging point.

    11kW would be 3-phase, almost all car's on board chargers are limited to ~3.6kW per phase (7kW single phase EVSE will make use of two of the charger phases). If the car was truly capable of 22kW charging (very few are), one phase going down would have dropped the charge rate to 14.4kW, not 11kW.
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    How to Trim 20mm off the top off a brick?

    Cutting with an angle grinder as described above would be the way to reduce the height, but this will be very dusty. I would whack them with a bolster to loosen then and then fill with screed or something.
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    Rolling pool cover

    Your bending in the long direction will be entirely dependent on the long beam cross section. If you're determined to keep the design you need to stiffen those members. Could you replace the long edges of the frame with a box section of thicker aluminium or even steel?