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    Peel Away 1 or 7 - Help please

    Peelaway 1 is more agressive than peelaway 7 as it is caustic-based, it works really well. There is a video of it being used on detailed plaster work here Peelaway Video
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    Using external wood stain on indoor dining table

    there are some really good water based wood stains and water based wood dyes on the market that are ideal for interior furniture. Once stained you can overcoat with a clear hard wax oil or varnish to finish the job. Some of the exterior finishes with colour contain biocides and other wood...
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    Need advise on what base to build a patio on

    Thanks for the advice Looking at laying fairly standard 18 square inch slabs. How thick should the balast base be? I just don't want the whole thing to sag and start breaking up over a period of time. The ground is fairly solid, a clumpy soil clay mix, probably more clay tham soil...
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    Need advise on what base to build a patio on

    Hi, Looking to build a patio area in the back garden, approx 18 feet by 12 ish. I've had conflicting advise on what and how the patio slabs should be laid. Is it better to have solid concrete base, a dry mix balast base, or just to set them on sand? Also, how thick should the base be...
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    Advice required on finishing an oak worktop

    Osmo Top Oil 3058 is a good choice. It's better to avoid varnishes because although they are tough, once they get scratched or chipped, the only real option is to sand the whole thing back and start again. With the top oil, it's just a case of a quick wipe over with a denibbing pad and...
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    Woodworm in the floor!

    Woodworm leaves eggs in the holes in the summer and they hatch the following spring so if there was no dust visible last spring then it's probably not active. To be sure of 'curing' the problem you need to inject *each* hole with the woodworm killer, some types come in smaller sizes and in an...
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    wood stain or varnish

    Hi, I tried porridge on an old metal fireplace once as i'd heard the myth about it being used as a paint stripper. I just landed up with a horrible mess :-( I used peelaway 7 for the newer top coats (about 20 layers of post 1980's paint) and then resorted to peelaway 1 for the deeper...
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    Peelaway product?

    Hi, Has anyone used Peelaway on a metal fireplace? I estimate it to be about 100 years old and although it looks like it probably has several layers of modern paint, my guess is that it has potentially dozens of layers of older lead based paint. It has some detail and pattern that i...