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    Beer is for life not just Christmas...

    Beer is for life not just Christmas...
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    Game of Thrones

    Many thanks for the repiles
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    Game of Thrones

    Hello all Does anyone know where I can watch Game of Thrones online for free? Cheers Mick...
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    Working with a PDA?

    Hi All The company I work for are about to introduce PDA's into the company, we will be getting our workload for the day on the PDA and will be expected to fill in the necessary details onto the PDA about the job when it is completed, apparently, the system will increase productivity...
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    Rover 600 water leak inside

    Hi all I have a Rover 600 and for the last few months theres been water getting in from somewhere, it seems to be gathering in the heater blower, and when I turn left water comes out from behind the glove box, and needless to to say the car nearly always gets misted up. A friend of mine...
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    Fiat headlight problem

    Hi to those who replied, many thanks for your help, a good starting point. Once again, thanks Mick
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    Fiat headlight problem

    I have a Fiat Punto 60S R Reg, 1997. Whenever I try to turn the headlights on, only sidelights come on both sides, although the switch on the steering column stalk is turned to the headlight setting. I have taken the car to a fiat dealer, who think that it is unlikely there is a problem with the...
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    Ferroli Optimax 25C

    Hello all If anyone can help I would be forever grateful... I went to a customers optimax 25C the other day, it had a fault F26 showing on the display, tried resetting, no good, checked the igniton and flame sensing electrodes and leads, all ok, the syphons ok to, I replaced the ignition...
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    Replacing immersion heater stats

    Hi all I work for a company where we do mainly annual gas servicing for social landlords throughout the Midlands, the company are thinking about replacing the immersion heater stats to those with safety stats fitted, not having Part P, or any other form of training for this, the question is, am...
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    radiant fire spillage

    Yep, i agree, our old friend lack of ventilation, try opening a window, if its ok now, then it shows theres lack of ventilation
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    radiant fire spillage

    Yep, i agree, our old friend lack of ventilation, try opening a window, if its ok now, then it shows theres lack of ventilation
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    Hello all I went to a job the other day to service a fire, its in a large house that has been turned into flats, this flat is on the ground floor just off the foyer, the gas meter also serves 2 or 3 of the flats upstairs and is situated just inside the front door in a cupboard. I noticed...
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    Vaillant Thermocompact

    Hi all Does anyone know what fault code F07 is? On a Vaillant Thermocompact, I would be thankful to any help Cheers Mick
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    Heatline S24/S30

    Hello all Can anyone help? I'm looking for a copy of manufacturers instructions for the above mention boiler, been on the Heatline web site but no good, I'd really chuffed if anyone has got a copy they could email to me, thanks in advance Mick....
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    Rover 600 electric window problem

    Hi everyone, can anyone please help? I replaced a brake light bulb a few weeks ago, i only noticed the other day that, when I press the brake pedal, all of the instrument lights come on inside the the car, when I take my foot off the the brake pedal they go out, and to top it all, now the...
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    Norton 2007 firewall

    Hi all I have Norton running on my laptop which was pre-installed when I bought it recently. The problem I have, is that I have to disable Nortons firewall to connect, it just won't allow me to connect to the internet, and then enable the windows firewall, obviously I don't want to connect...
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    Norton 2007 Antivirus

    Many thanks to all for replying. I'll take everything you said on board and give it due but fair consideration Cheers Mick
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    Norton 2007 Antivirus

    Hi all My new laptop came with Norton 2007 antivirus etc, free for 3 months, can anyone tell me the best way to protect my laptop after this period. I suppose the best way would be to purchase Norton and just carry on with that. I've heard alot about so-called "free" pc protection which...
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    Adobe Flash Player,Problems

    I recently bought a new laptop which runs on Vista, I downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player the other day but can't seem to get it to work, it says that it has successfully installed, but when I want to view a video on the net, a message comes up that says, I need to download and...
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    Hey Breezer I did one better than that, I took part in their customer satisfaction survey :D