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    Hob condemned tonight

    8mm could easily be damaged but if working pressure is ok can be used But i would put 15mm in as it is more rigid and putting in a 8mm gas cock would cut the flow down more.
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    Viewssmann Installer Question

    Not very good customer service, what if you wanted a service call after the boilers fitted would it be the same? I contacted the rep 2 months ago still hasnt got back to me Have a worcester roughly same price, they have there recommended installers on there web site, you get 5 years gurantee...
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    Hob condemned tonight

    Hi I think Transco guy did the right thing, Make safe, The fault is with the installer who needs to be contacted to make the installation correct in 15mm copper with a isolation valve accessable, if he cant be contacted or is no help report him to gas safe
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    Worcester bosch combi boiler pipes knocking, pressure drop..

    Hi Diverter valves go regulaly if it was not a genuine worcester part as there is alot of cheaper universals out there, I agree the knocking is expansion on joists, try lagging pipes on joists Has the pressure dropped b4 or only after the diverter valve was swapped if it wasnt check the...
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    Need a new Boiler as have no heating/hot water - Which Make?

    Hi Worcester is best, if its fitted by a recommended installer you will get 5 years parts and labour cover plus 10 years cover on the heat exchanger Main one of baxi group not as good has either 1 year or 2 guarantee
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    Worcester Greenstar 42cdi - Weird Error Code for Heating

    Hi The display code isnt a fault it happens when power is turned on and off to the boiler, putting it into a 15 mins minimum heat setting , it explains this in the installation book under 'commissioning, starting system'. The fault could be wireless stat or programmer or being that it is...