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    fan replacement

    Hi, I'd like to replace our bathroom fan which is in the ceiling void. The wiring to the fan comes from a double switch (one for the light and a separate one for the fan) via a 1.5mm wire. Am I ok just replacing the fan with the existing wiring layout? I will get the fan from Wickes. Thanks
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    building a wall wardrobe

    Hi all, In my house I have a sliding door wardrobe that I would like to replace with normal hinged doors keeping the internal frame as it is. Basically I would just remove the sliding doors. I was thinking of building a front frame to attach to the existing shelving units and then attaching...
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    help - boiler and water pressure

    the red light on the boiler panel flashes. it is the one that has the radiator symbol on it.
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    help - boiler and water pressure

    worcester combi 28si
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    help - boiler and water pressure

    Hi all, Can water mains pressure be responsible for the boiler cutting off? Our water pressure can be erratic due to shared water supply. Every now and again our boiler cuts off after using hot water. I can then press the reset button and it goes on no problem. Thanks
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    Filling cracks

    Hi, What is the best product to use in order to fill hairline cracks on plaster? Regards
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    Loft insulation

    Hello, does anyone know of a place where I can buy loft insulation at a decent price. I've read some of the offers that energy providers have but these all include installation. I'd rather install it myself. Regards,
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    Advice needed see pic

    can i connect he 2.5mm T&E to a 13 AMP plug? The sockets are protected by 30mA RCD.
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    dangerous people

    I came here in 1995 from Southern Europe to get a better education at University and then got a job and decided to stay. I am now married to a British lady and just bought a nice house. I've always worked and paid taxes and feel I have contributed to the society here. Even though I am not...
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    Advice needed see pic

    Thanks. Can you advice what cable I should use to replace the red one. This will have to go through a cavity wall and under a carpet. It will be plugged into a socket.
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    Advice needed see pic

    what do you think of the black cable running between junction boxes
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    Advice needed see pic

    hi, as promised more pics of the pond arrangement. Do you guys think i can keep this? I think it looks a bit of a mess, not happy with the state of the junction boxes and shouldn't the connector be enclosed in a chock block? The pond I am doing up (house just bought) used to have koi...
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    Advice needed see pic

    terminates into another junction box which is connected to the pump wire. Will open this box too and take pics.
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    Advice needed see pic

    there is a box outside on the wall. the wire that runs from this box is enclosed in conduit so cannot see what type it is. I will investigate tomorrow and put more pics on. What should it be replaced with?
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    Advice needed see pic

    Hello, I am doing up the pond in our garden. I've attempted to replace the plug of the wiring that connects the pump/filter to our electrics. After opening the plug I found what is show on the pics..... The earth wire was not even connected in the plug and if you see the pic you'll...
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    mosaic tiles - where

    Hi, Which is the best place to purchase mosaic tiles? I need to repair some surfaces in my kitchen and I cannot find spare mosaic tiles of dark green colour in the likes of B&Q or Wickes. Any online shop? Thanks
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    kitchen wiring

    Hello, Is it within the regs to have an oven connected to a switch via one wire only 2.5mm in a kitchen circuit. I notice that the sockets have been wired with a wire going to them and one coming out so i am assuming that is a ring. But then I have a switch connected to one of these...
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    Good book to read on electrics

    Thanks for the advice. I am keen on learing how to wire a socket and a light fitting but I'd also like to understand the basis of circuits and how my domestic installation works. I'm not after doing any more than wiring a new light fitting This morning I was at B&Q and they seem to have no...
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    Good book to read on electrics

    Hello, Can you guys recommend a good book to read on electric basics. I'm not after doing my own rewire or notifiable work. I am just after learning how to wire a light or a socket in a safe manner. Thanks
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    WC near service head

    thats a bit harsh. If electricians working to BS standards and Part P requirements do not object why should a DNO do so? I thought the issue would be with a washbasin or shower. I guess any excuse is good enough for them to refuse work in a customer's house. I wonder if I requested a...