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    worcestor bosch 400 rsf {not electronic)

    hi guys help please not managed to get to see the boiler yet but is as follows hot water regardless of how long a tap is run is always scalding hot and doesnt respond to the hot water control, what is the most common fault on this boiler for this fault,the thermal store thermostat,the dhw...
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    hi steve put my e-mail up dimel[email protected] for vaillant manual 242/1e,thanks robert...

    hi steve put my e-mail up [email protected] for vaillant manual 242/1e,thanks robert gassafe man
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    vaillant manual

    hi steve,e-mail [email protected],thanks and regards,robert
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    hi gazpianoman,would you mind e-mailing me the manuals for vaillant 242/1 e and 282e...

    hi gazpianoman,would you mind e-mailing me the manuals for vaillant 242/1 e and 282e please,thanks and kind regards rob-gassafe man
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    vaillant manual

    hi is Mr G20 still available,seen that you got manual for vaillant turbomax 242/1e,is there any chance you or any of you good people on this site could e-mail me a copy,thanks and kind regards,robert gassafe engineer
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    Good boiler?

    hi is typical ferroli overpriced rubbish,try and get a vaillant eco tec pro 28 -750 quid inc vat,standard flue- 60 quid inc vat,analogue 130 time clock- 20 quid inc vat and and vaillant vrt 360f wireless programmable room stat 105 quid inc vat,brilliant value for the...
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    Ariston a23 Combi Boiler not igniting for ages

    hi daz process of elimination matey,fan on makes airpressure switch,hot tap on makes flow switch dhw microswitch,ignition and gas on,etc,not sound like he knows what he doing,get a gas safe engineer to look not a plumber,regards robert gas safe engineer