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  1. J

    Class 2 switched picture light

    Thanks. Unfortunately though, they're not switched (I'd seen them earlier on another site and it confirmed as much!
  2. J

    Class 2 switched picture light

    Can anyone recommend somewhere where I might be able to get hold of a class 2 switched picture light (preferably in chrome or nickel finish)? I've been googling until my eyes have gone, well, googly, but wanted to see whether any of you in the know might have any ideas? Many thanks Jo.
  3. J

    To prime or not to prime?

    Ahead of getting my double glazing fitted, I’m getting the window sills and pillars ready for painting. I’ve scraped off, wired brushed and sanded down the flaking paint and now I’m a bit stuck as to where to go next. It's all a bit patchy - in some areas where the paint has come off...
  4. J

    Windows & Door Recommendations

    The only thing I can say about the big companies is what I've learn over the past few weeks while looking for DG myself! - Everest appear to be the most expensive - Crystal Windows have a bad reputation, cheap crap apparently - I approached Anglian about my DG, the rep only stayed 23...
  5. J

    Is this double glazing quote reasonable?

    Thanks steveb1964. I've got salesman number 3 coming tomorrow from a local firm so will see if they come in any cheaper. Maltaron - I haven't considered aluminium. The uPVC ones seem expensive enough(!) and I'm afraid I'm not keen on the look of aluminium windows, sorry. :oops: But thank you...
  6. J

    Is this double glazing quote reasonable?

    Thanks crank39. Luckily all 3 companies I've contacted so far do have showrooms so I'll be able to go and take a proper look - point noted about not signing at their showroom, thanks. I've just sent an email to another company I want to get round at the weekend, so that will be four! This...
  7. J

    Is this double glazing quote reasonable?

    Aww, and there was me thinking you were after a date! :wink: It's just that I've read loads of horror stories about DG salesmen so I'm very much on my guard! I've done lots of homework (but still feel like it's not enough!) and have a list of questions I need answers to - so that I can...
  8. J

    Is this double glazing quote reasonable?

    Thanks RRRRRR. I had Anglian round yesterday, the rep stayed 23 minutes, it seemed as if he couldn't wait to leave. :? He said between £5k-£6k. Two quotes so far, a third company's coming round on Friday, they're a local company. I'll see what they say on Friday but, to be honest, if I'm...
  9. J

    Is this double glazing quote reasonable?

    Had a couple of quotes yesterday for replacement sash windows for my lounge bay and bedrooms windows. One quote was £4,800, the other was "between £5 and £6k" for the following: 2 windows 140cm high x 76cm wide 2 windows 176cm high x 55.5cm wide 1 window 176cm high x 81cm wide Both said...
  10. J

    Painting front door and porch

    I live in a terraced house a bit like this and am planning to paint the front door and porch. Front door, no probs, I'm clear on that. But the porch had previously been painted in gloss but I'm thinking that using a masonry matt...
  11. J

    Exterior paint recommendations

    Many thanks Zampa
  12. J

    Exterior paint recommendations

    I just wanted to ask for your recommendations on exterior paint - there are so many own brand & premium ones available, I'm not sure whether it's best to pay top dollar for a premium brand, or whether own brands which, although cheaper, are as good as anything else. Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    Electrical certificate

    Many thanks for the replies. The work was finished before Christmas so he's had more than a month to sort it out, I think I've been quite patient!
  14. J

    Electrical certificate

    I've just had my kitchen refitted and some electrical work was done including the fitting of a new ring main. I have just one question - should I have received a certificate to say that the new electrics are safe? Thanks.
  15. J

    Semi-integrated dishwasher doors

    My parents need to replace their semi-integrated dishwasher which they've had for a good 10 years. They're concerned that the door cover they have may not fit a new semi-integrated machine? Can anyone tell me if the panels which you fix the door cover to are standard sizes? Many thanks...
  16. J

    Ikea kitchens

    I ordered my Ikea kitchen per my previous post and have had nothing but hassle ever since - they have muffed up the delivery (they tried to put it back by two weeks until I went into the store and caused a fuss), they can't confirm when the rest of the stuff will be delivered, and now I'm having...
  17. J

    Long worktop end cap ?

    Just a thought but rather than using an endcap, could you not use a piece of edging strip?
  18. J

    Integrated appliance apertures

    I'm just about to order a washing machine and dishwasher for my new (soon to be built) Ikea kitchen. The door covers will be 70cm high, the plinth will be 16cm making a total of 86cm height onto which the worktop will be placed. I've found a dishwasher with a height of 82cm - however, in...
  19. J

    McLaren team falter again.

    It seems that BMW and Williams may have also muffed up. They're currently under investigation for fuel irregularities. If DQ'd, Lewis would become World Champion! Anyway, I see that Ferrari have now made their team orders appear a little more subtle. Massa miraculously came out into traffic...
  20. J

    Kitchen worktop question

    Thanks both :) Bizarrely enough, I was looking on the net earlier today and came across a place call CNC Laminates not too far away who sells Getalit and noticed the 4.1 metre lengths! 620mm depth doesn't seem to exist but I will just have to get 665mm and have the back cut off, or get...