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    WB 35CDi (Mk1) expansion vessel replacement

    Finally got round to doing this. Switched off boiler. Turned off CH flow and return valves. Connected hose to boiler drain valve and drained. Emptied EV of water thru Schraeder valve. (Took a while!) Unbolted EV and pushed up EV locking catch. Carefully pulled out EV ensuring back of EV...
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    Removing exterior paint from brickwork

    Hi Any tips on how to remove exterior wall paint from brickwork? (Other than hard labour!) I'd like to get back to something like the original brick colour. Thanks.
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    Replace few plain clay tiles with polycard?

    Hi Does anyone know what BCO issues would arise if I replaced some (10) plain clay tiles with same-sized sections of twin-walled polycarbonate? The idea is to remove 3 from a low course, 2 from course above that, 3 from the next up, and 2 from the couse above that, creating an opening...
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    WB 35CDi (Mk1) expansion vessel replacement

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of replacing the EV of a Worcester Bosch 35CDi Mk1 (twin pump) The manual seems to suggest a fairly straightforward task, but it this really the case? Thanks.