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    Safety Issue with Downlighters !!!!

    Thanks for that - the advice makes me feel better about fitting the downlighters but I live in an older house and the ceilings are constructed from lath and plaster so I would be cutting the holes in the wooden laths. Does this make it a bit dodgy ? Cheers.
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    Safety Issue with Downlighters !!!!

    Being fashionable at the moment, my wife has purchased a set of 6 mains halogen downlighters to be installed in the bedroom. I have picked up on other threads there is an issue with the amount of heat they can generate. As they will be basically installed in the loft, what can I do to ensure...
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    Advice on Window Frame Measurements Please.....

    Although my house was fully double glazed when I moved in , there is 1 small wooden frame in the upstairs wc. As it is small, I intend to replace it with a upvc frame and fit it myself. I have measured it from brick to brick as per advice on other threads but the only problem I can see is that...