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    Which Hob / oven

    Just my opinion hope some use to you, Neff bosch and siemens are the same company and are nice to work on you pay for what you get very reliable and not too flimsy and noisy. I have a siemens double oven. I went for the double as you have a back up if the main oven fails. You can...
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    Hotpoint DF31 Dishwasher

    It is posible you may have an overfill problem. More often it is caused by a blockage in the sump to metering tank hose (black hose or poss grey about an inch diameter). This causes the water from the side tank to overfill as most of the clean water enters the tank through this hose. undo...
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    Neff Induction Hob

    just a thought could it be the child lock? Try pressing and holding the on button for 10secs to see if this does the trick. If not maybe let us have an enr number ie ind4546GB/01 either way a reply would be great. good luck
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    Indesit Evolution 1200 WE 12 Error code F12

    f12 means no mixed fill it is likely that the tap is not turned on or the fill hose may have been kinked when you put it back. We have all done this. Try filling/starting a 40oC program with the machine pulled out into the room to test to see if it works again.
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    Hotpoint WM52 Heater Replacement

    Just a thought ensure the economy button is not selected this will effect the heating
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    Hotpoint WM63P 'L' shape plastic strip.

    Agree with the above black trim normally two of these to protect the interlock cables ect rubbing on the case can normally be put back by removing door seal from front panel and reaching through. disconnect the electric supply of course befor attempting!!
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    Hotpoint WD51

    Have you checked the carbon brushes in the motor. This is quite a common fault the brushes can be removed and replaced they should be no less than 5mm long. I believe there are instructions to do this in this forum somewhere.
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    No action from Bosch dishwasher

    Its quite a dificult job even for the trained eye. It can be done in two ways either laying on its side and removing various t20 screws and wedging the base apart allowing enough room to get hand in and finding the special clip to allow the motor to be twisted and released from the housing...
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    No action from Bosch dishwasher

    It should pump out for about a minute and the fill up for about another minute and then the circulation motor should cut in to spry the water around. Sounds like circulation pump problems (blocked with foriegn object, motor o/c or capacitor fault) The motor can be found on the right hand...
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    dishwasher problem

    It sounds like water has overflowed into the base to operate the overfill float switch. You could try and emply the base. This can be done by soaking up the water with a spounge or better still some kind of device simular to a bycycle pump. VERY IMPORTANT! VERY IMPORTANT! ELECTRIC CAN KILL...