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    What size barge board

    Yes, I've not built a lean to roof before, so didn't think to do the ladders in a different size timber. I was looking at the cladding in wickes tonight, theirs is 9mm I'm now thinking 225mm and the return fits into a thin joining strip (some are ventilated) with 9mm board across to the wall...
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    What size barge board

    Thanks big All, I'll pop down to the merchants with my tape measure. If you were just capping with 10 mm cladding how would you do it? Cheers
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    What size barge board

    Hello, Just finishing building a lean to roof. I need to fit barge boards to the end rafters which are 200 x 50 timber. The 10mm thick capping PVC boards come in 200mm and 225 mm widths, but with the 10mm soffit board fitted the 200mm will leave a gap. The 225 would need trimming down...
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    loft conversion ventilation

    Hello I'm about to start my loft conversion (with the regs) one thing i'm struggling to get my head round is how to achieve the roof ventilation. 50mm gap between the felt and the celotex no problem eaves ventilation round vents, no problem, but what happens at the ridge. I don't have the...
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    steel bearer plate for a padstone

    Hello Just getting my head round a loft conversion I'll have to get proper SE calcs. for building control but a quick question terraced house 5m wide so i'm thinking 203 x 203 x46uc beams, rather than putting in padstones which would disturb the walls in the rooms below i understand i can...