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    Fixing skirting boards to incompletely plastered wall

    Thanks for this: it sounds like an easy alternative. I actually finished the job about a month ago (using batons - time-consuming but worked pretty well) but I never thought about expanding foam, and will bear it in mind next time, (if there is one!). Well, when I say finished, there is...
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    Skirting boards meeting at obtuse angle

    I'm fixing skirting boards - making the standard corner joints where the corners are (approx.!) 90 degrees: i.e. 45 degree mitres on externals and scibed & butted joints on the internals. My question is: what kind of joint should I make on an internal corner of around 135 degrees? Since it's...
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    Fixing skirting boards to incompletely plastered wall

    Thanks for this. The house is about 100 years old, and the origonal skirting boards were fixed with wedges, exactly as you describe. Very impressive workmanship, and I'd already more or less decided I wouln't be able to replicate that. (Apart form anything else, it must be hard to know where to...
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    Acclimatizing skirting boards

    They say that before fixing skirting boards or similar you should store the wood for a while in the house to let it shrink/acclimatize etc. Anyone know how long, realistically, I should do this with the kind of cheap, moulded softwood skirting boards they sell in standard DIY shops & timber...
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    Fixing skirting boards to incompletely plastered wall

    I want to fit new skirting boards. My problem is that the bottom 4-5 inches of the walls are not plastered (though the rest of them are). Obviously if I can use a 6- 8 inch skirting board it will cover this strip of bare brick, but does anyone know the easiest way to attach the board? Perhaps I...