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    room stat on a Potterton FSB

    Just to be sure this is the wiring diagram that I intend to do with the replacement Honeywell CM907: Comments would be great :D
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    room stat on a Potterton FSB

    Thanks for the respose! so putting the thermostat on the switched live is using it like a switch... :) The current room stat is some form of Eberle and my feeling is that it should be repalced - it appears to have a live (1) neutral (2), earth (E) and a second neutral (4). If this was...
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    room stat on a Potterton FSB

    Hi all, First post! looking to add a room stat to a Potterton Promax FSB 30HE. There is one in the wall presently but it is not connected (3 core). The system is pumped open vented with the pump wired into the 4 core Boiler Connector. No separate HW/CH or anything fancy like Y/S plan...