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    Query regarding Amendment 3, 2015 to the Wiring Regulations (England)

    Dear All, I would never have imagined that my query would have sparked such a heated debate. Diplomatically, I will point out that every time new regulations come into force, it is inevitable that some grey areas emerge, which will have to be clarified by subsequent practice. Thank you very...
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    Query regarding Amendment 3, 2015 to the Wiring Regulations (England)

    Dear All, I’m doing a rear extension and, as part of this project, I have asked an electrician to give me a quote for the electric work. I suspect he might be trying to sell things are not really necessary by quoting the new Amendment 3 to the Wiring Regulations. Specifically, he says: 1) The...
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    Loft Conversion - Structural Calculations

    Dear all, I have a question regarding structural calculations for a loft conversion. When converting a loft the original structure supporting the front half of the pitched rood is essentially left in place (except for the purlin replaced by the dwarf wall). Below is a typical detail. My...
  4. Ridge Detail

    Ridge Detail

    Schematic Design of Ridge for Loft Conversion
  5. Loft Conversion

    Loft Conversion

    Details of loft conversion
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    Chimney Stack Removal

    Dear All, I’ve just spoken to the building control officer regarding removing one half of the chimney stack. For the removal to be feasible the following applies: - The flues of adjacent properties need to be separated by a wall; - The remaining chimney should be in good repair...
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    Chimney Stack Removal

    Dear all, I’m planning a loft conversion and would like to take the opportunity to remove the chimney stack on the roof, together with the chimney breast in the loft (and potentially carry on to the first and ground floors). The property is a mid terrace two-bed house, the width (from one...
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    Timber Joists for Loft Conversion

    Hi tony1851, No, there is sufficient headroom. It’s a bit difficult to explain without a drawing: I cannot have the steel directly under the dwarf wall because one end of the beam would have to rest on the chimney breast. Once I move the beam to the nearest suitable location, I’m left...
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    Timber Joists for Loft Conversion

    Dear all, I’m doing a loft conversion and have a query about timber joists for the new loft floor. I would like to design it like a continuous beam with one intermediate support and, in order to do so, I would need lengths of timber of about 6.3m. The full specs for the floor joists...