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    Ring mains in a small house

    Hi all, I'm having some work done at a small house (2 up, 2 down) and the electrician has suggested that it would be okay to have just one ring main for the lounge and 2 bedrooms upstairs and one ring main for the kitchen. I've always been used to one ring upstairs, one down and one for the...
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    Best material for stringers?t

    As per title. Plan to build a small staircase and was wondering what material is best for stringers. Thanks.
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    Routes for chasing plastic pipes

    Hi, I'm planning to plumb in some new rads with 15mm polypipe. I want to chase the pipes into the walls to hide them (I'll cap them before plastering over them) but I'm a struggling a bit with the best way to route them (or indeed whether there is any regulation on where they can be routed...
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    Vented vs unvented cylinder

    I'm looking at cylinders for a renovation and the heating engineer has suggested an unvented cylinder. I have a few q's I could do with some help on never having had an unvented: I have 15mm mains and I know that with the correct pressure and flow that could be okay subject to the HE...
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    Stabilising stone

    I have 3 or 4 flaking stones on my Victorian cottage, caused by a previous owner use a hard cement mortar to repair the pointing. They are not too bad, but I'd like to try and stabilise them. What can I use to do that? Thanks.
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    Tidying up loose stone above a lintel

    I have a Victorian house which has loose stone above the internal wooden lintel. It doesn't really support anything as the roof is supported on the external wallplate which sits on a lime mortared wall. The loose stones have caused the surface plaster to crack so I have stripped it back to...
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    Driveway changes

    Hi, I have an existing driveway with gates that are set back from the pavement but about 6 feet with a small area outside the gates between the gates and the pavement. I want to remodel the driveway and see if I can reclaim some of the space that I own outside the driveway. In the attached...
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    Can a gulley be converted to a soil stack?

    As per title really. Gulley that takes only kitchen waste - can it be converted to connect a soil stack? Thanks.
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    Decisions decision... LPG vs oil

    Good point... main reason being that this is still all in the thought process and haven't even got down to the details. Was looking for a general feel rather than specifics, I suppose. Thanks for the response.
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    Re-batten and felting a roof

    I suppose my question was: - How long does it take to remove tiles, rebatten and felt a roof? - How much are the materials? - How much should I expect the whole job to cost? Thanks.
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    Decisions decision... LPG vs oil

    As per previous posts, I've been looking at replacing a Rayburn with and oil fired boiler. A new thought I have now is about LPG vs. oil. I know LPG is more expensive, but as the whole kitchen (where the boiler is) is being changed, I quite like the idea of a gas hob which is making me start...
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    Finishing square windows into arched openings

    Thanks. And sorry for the dumb question but what is normally used to bond the architrave that's cut to shape into place?
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    Finishing square windows into arched openings

    Okay, thanks - is that bit in the arch of the window just a bit of uPVC finisher? I suppose a piece of foil back insulation with some expanding foam to fill the gaps would be a better solution in the void?
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    Re-batten and felting a roof

    What's the going rate to rebatten and "felt" a roof on a small late Victorian semi? Standard pitched roof, about 18 foot long. Location is south west. Thanks.
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    Finishing square windows into arched openings

    Shallow angle of an arch exactly like the pic on Everest's web site here:
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    Finishing square windows into arched openings

    Looking at putting some uPVC windows into an older property with brick arched openings. Part of the property has already been done and it looks like it's a square casement with a arched finisher at the top. The question is, what is in the void behind the finisher? Thanks.
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    Moving a Rayburn

    Not sure what model it is - not actually moved into the place yet. Think I'm going down the idea of replacing it though - the kitchen could be modelled so much better. What model of Grant would make sense to look at? And how much would I be charged to install/commission one?
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    Moving a Rayburn

    Do you really mean £30 a week??? Is that how much they cost??? :shock:
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    Moving a Rayburn

    Interesting thought and given that I want to move some rads, hot water cylinder etc would give me the chance to completely revamp things. Any recommendations on models I should look at? You mention Grant, what about WB? And are oil fired combis the same as gas fired ones - it looked like they...