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    Overloaded Supply

    Hi folks, I’m looking for some of your experiences with excess loading and services fuses here. I have set up a temporary site supply for a large office site using an existing supply from what used to be a house on part of the site (now all one building) The supply was installed in the 1930’s...
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    Phone lines advice needed?

    Hi all, I have got a site (old offices) with about 500 lines coming in on various different cables, mostly underground and along the front of the building and some overhead some fiber lines also.. Only one pair is in use for the site office, but I’m not sure which cable this is on. It’s a...
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    High voltage meters

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have taken readings on the HV side this afternoon and they vary between 6 and 20 Kwh even though the LV side is at 0.5 to 1 kWh. The supplier says there is no issue as both meters read 0 under no load. And yes I have checked every circuit and DB and clamp...
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    High voltage meters

    Hi John, Again it seems random, if a LV board is isolated the HV readings drop but when isolating individual circuits on that board one at a time the readings change down but not by the total amount as when the whole board is off and even then I can isolate the same circuits in different...
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    High voltage meters

    Hi, I know this a DIY forum but maybe someone here can help with a metering issue… I have an 11kV supply to a building which is fed from a HV substation nearby. The DNO meter for the supply to the building is outside the substation in a cabinet and meters the 11KV output from a transformer...
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    Supply fuse

    I’ve seen one of these old 1920/30s metal cut-outs go bang before, it was like a bomb going off and made a right mess! It just arced away until the cable melted. Fortunately no one was near at the time. I also just has one changed the other day by Northern Power Grid. Just tell them you are...
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    PME earthing advice

    Just jobs I've worked on in the past/posts about exporting PME, I have put garages and outbuildings on earth rods before with another company. I'm not sure if the same applies here. I would hate to see a job done wrong that I'm involved with, even though I'm just doing 1st fix.
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    PME earthing advice

    Hi, all, I’m looking for opinions on earthing arrangements for a project I’m involved with. The site is 60m by 60m and will involve ten houses and flats. The supply is at the site boundary and is a Bemco Board with metering for each property with a 25mm SWA 3 core to each via a switchfuse...
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    Temporary site supply!

    Found this the other day on a job I was looking at. The tails were connected to a modern RCD CU but there was no earth connected :shock: Wired by a professional plasterer :roll:
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    Incomer & meter relocation - cost

    Depending on your location and who your network operator is, it usually costs £500-£700 for a standard domestic service alteration (up to 6 meters cable length). You can usually apply and pay online via their website. Can take a few weeks to get the work done. Maybe worth moving to an...
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    Faulty flowswitch

    It does have the gauze filter and yes this has leaked in the past but it is replaced each time the flowswitch is replaced. I am thinking of moving the flowswitch and putting it vertically on the supply pipe in the hope that gravity will keep it closed when there is no flow?! I also noticed the...
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    Faulty flowswitch

    Thanks for the replies. The HW thermostat has also been replaced twice! The magnetic scale inhibitor is about 1m away from the flow switch on the CW supply pipe and has been added last year to try and stop the problem. I have checked with a multimeter to confirm the flow switch ‘on’ and...
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    Faulty flowswitch

    I’ve had an OFTEC engineer service the boiler every year and replace the flowswitch three times! I have replaced it again myself. You don’t need a Gas Safe or OFTEC engineer to replace a flowswitch, it’s only basic plumbing. I only had it done by OFTEC as the boiler was under a 5 year...
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    Faulty flowswitch

    I have a 7 year old Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave 18/25 oil combi boiler. I have a reoccurring problem every few days with the flow switch sticking in the open position and causing the boiler run in HW mode and eventually cut out on the overheat thermostat. The water at the taps is then...
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    External Lighting PIR

    Ok, thanks guys, I'll try a Sentinel PIR and mask off the relevant areas.
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    External Lighting PIR

    Hi, Can anyone recommend an external PIR to switch around 300watts of lighting? I am looking for a good quality unit with adjustable sensitivity as well as the usual daylight and time adjustment. The current PIR I have is from Screwfix
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    Proffesional Install?

    The wiring is as tidy as the PVC cladding and felted flat roof :roll:
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    Getting bathroom electrics signed off - After completion!

    My 'mate' fitted a new CU in his own house and asked me to 'sign it off'. I said I couldn't and also didn't want the risk. Anyway he sold a month later and the solicitor said he had to take a liability insurance on the electrics due to the 'missing' certificate. This cost £25 and the sale...