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    Bosch Exxcel 7 Washing machine

    Bosch Exxcel 7 comes up with error code 18 after 10 minutes of wash cycle. Cleaned out waste, cleaned filter, impellar moves freely (by small drainage hose). Switched on came back ok on spin cycle at drained ok. Tried another short wash and same error code 18 appears
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    Bosch Exxcel 7 Washing Machine problem

    Bosch Exxcel 7 Washing Machine not fully draining after cycle. No error code showing and have cleaned filter and drained at the base of machine. Any suggestions?
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    Tap Cartridge replacement

    THX, all sorted
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    Tap Cartridge replacement

    Can anyone advise how to replace the cartridge on a Hudson Reed ART 325 Open Spout Mono Basin Mixer? Does the whole unit need to be isolated and removed for installation at the base of the tap or is it a case of isolating and re-install by remove the tap lever? Hudson Reed website does not...
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    Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

    Can anyone recommend a decent Liquid Waterproofing Membrane and supplier for a shower cubicle prior to tile install?
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    Water ingress through concrete floor

    We have a maple strip floor fixed to 18mm marine ply which in turn is fixed to a concrete base. 4 years ago the floor in one corner by a patio window lifted over an area of of about 1 sq metre by approx 5 mm. We had the insurers out to investigate, took the patch of floor up in question and...
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    Dry Verge Caps

    Can anyone give me an idea on price for materials and labour to replace a mortar dry verge with caps? I have 3 dormer windows each with approx 10m - 12m max in total of verge that the mortar is failing and we'd like to cap them. Location near Preston Lancs?
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    Towel Radiator - loud knocking

    OK I think I understand, will take a look this evening and see which pipe gets warm first, TRV currently in off mode, to see which is currently providing inlet.
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    Towel Radiator - loud knocking

    Will re-fit TRV to opposite side and see how that go's THx
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    Towel Radiator - loud knocking

    No, sales chap at B & Q said TRV was universal but I've been told that this isn't the case and need to switch the valve around opposite to the bleed valve at the top as it would appear not to be on the inlet flow into the rad. Does this sound right?
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    Towel Radiator - loud knocking

    Just installed a towell rad with TRV and it's started to "knock" and have to adjust TRV to rectify. Is this cuased by an air lock in the system? Have also bled rad and no air just water coming out. Any suggestions?
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    Thermostatic Rad Valve

    Replaced upper part of valve as pin on valve had broken through plastic and was being left open. Job sorted and no need to replace entire unit.
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    Thermostatic Rad Valve

    We've had a radiator that until recently has refused to warm to a decent temperature. Tried bleeding it and forcing heating by shutting off all other rads in the house and still no change. Was about to consider replacing rad unit last week whilst at the same time replacing a bathroom rad with a...
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    Pre Mixed concrete

    We're about to start planning for a kitchen & dining room extension. Starting at the very beginning in terms of pricing, can anyone give me an idea on prices for pre-mixed concrete/cubic metre? We're based in Lancashire.
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    Shower leak

    Ommitted to mention waste water trap is not the cause of the leak. Opinions seem to suggest that the silicon seal has failed even thought there is nothing visible
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    Shower leak

    Recently completed an install of a new shower cubicle, it's tiled with 600X400 travertine and some mosaic. All internal walls were tanked, used a Mapei kit, and shower tray edges sealed off using the the waterproofing tape and tanked again. Tiles fixed with a rapid set waterprro adhesive...
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  18. Shower D/stairs

    Shower D/stairs

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    Bath sealing tape

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to Duravit Rubber Profile (Product Code : 790104) it's a 3300mm length Rubber profile for so called noise reduction and sealing against moisture where the bath meets the wall, however, it retails for £35.00 min which is a bit of a rip off.
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    Mira Sport Outlet Washers

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a couple of Mira Sport outlet washers? These are the washers connecting the shower lead to the outlet and also to shower lead to shower head and from parts list diagram are referred to as part number: 632.73