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    Leak near boiler

    Thanks for all the advice. I've now managed to replace the valve with a new one.
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    Leak near boiler

    Hi, I have found a leak from some kind of valve just above my Potterton boiler. Photos attached. Can anyone tell me what it is? I know how to drain my system so can I just buy a new one and replace the leaky one? Or does it indicate something wrong with the boiler? Thanks Alan
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    Stacking a dryer and connecting to a drain?

    Hi all, Recently got a new condenser dryer. I noticed that you can connect it to the drain and save having to empty the water container. My dryer is stacked on top of the washing machine so the drain pipe would have a long fall on it. Is that a problem with a dryer? Being so high up I...
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    Install toilet or floor first?

    Hi, I have a toilet to install in a downstairs WC. The floor is concrete and will be screeded (probably a few mm deep as its not very even) and then have Amtico installed on top. Should I install the toilet before the floor, so it sits on the concrete and the floor is laid around it. Or...
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    Close coupled WC floor waste

    I think the swan neck thing might do the trick. Thanks!
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    Close coupled WC floor waste

    Hi, I would like to replace my downstairs toilet with a close coupled toilet. The problem is that the waste goes into the floor. There is a right angled connector that is connected to the sink waste, I'd like to leave this in place. The distance from the wall to the front of the connector...
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    Stacking tumble dryer

    I am looking at refitting our utility room and need some ideas on where to put a tumble dryer. We are thinking about having it above the washing machine and I've seen a few wall mounted upside down dryers. However the seem to be very basic and require venting. The washing machine will be...
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    Central heating pump noises

    That is a good point. Two things have happened recently: 1. The controller has moved location due to kitchen refit. 2. Potterton EP2002 has been replaced with Potterton EP2 I still have the EP2002 so I'll stick that back on and retest. If that doesnt solve the issue then I'll get the...
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    Central heating pump noises

    Hi My central heating pump has started behaving strangely. I've tried to capture this in a youtube video: If I turn the hot water on the pump starts to pulse. It runs for a few seconds and then stops for a few seconds. This happens for a while. Then it will...
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    Myson Kickspace 500 Duo Hydro-Electric Fan Convector

    Hi, I have a question about the Myson Kickspace 500 Duo Hydro-Electric Fan Convector. Is the fan automatically activated when hot water from the central heating system flows through the heater? Or does the fan run continuously regardless of the central heating system being on or not...
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    Recommend me a bathroom extractor fan

    Hi, I would like an inline extractor fan for my bathroom. I hear that these are more powerful and quiet than the ones that sit in the wall. The room is 2mx2.2m so not massive, but I want to be sure its powerful enough to keep the mirrors clear etc. This is the kind of thing I am thinking...
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    Thermostat removal

    Got it off now. I just needed to squeeze a bit harder on the top and bottom for the front to come off.
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    Thermostat removal

    Can anyone tell me how to remove one of these? I thought that the front would come off leaving a wall plate behind. I have removed the screw in the top right hand corner but the front does not come off. I dont want to force it so thought I'd ask here. Thanks Alan
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    How to heat a single room?

    Hi, I work at home and during the day I only need to heat my office. So what is the best way to do this? 1. 2kw Electric fan heater turned on in bursts when the room need warming up. 2. Use the central heating throughout the day. Option1 seems the best solution as it only heats the...
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    Sound of air pulsing through central heating pump

    Thanks for the reply, I'll bleed everything tomorrow. And yes, there is a nipple next to they cylinder. I'll bleed that as well. Alan
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    Sound of air pulsing through central heating pump

    I have just drained by heating system, replaced some radiators and refilled. Now when the heating is running I hear a periodic sound of air rushing around the pipes. I've been around bleeding everything a few times but no more air is coming out but the noise persists. Can anyone shed...
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    Can soil pipe be chased into a wall?

    Yes that is exactly how the original cupboard was. We were hoping that a tall cupboard with a double oven would fit there as that is the best spot for one, but that obviously requires a full depth cupboard.
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    Can soil pipe be chased into a wall?

    Here are a couple pics of the pipe. You will notice that it disappears into the wall near the ceiling and does not emerge on the other side of the wall. It goes all the way up into the roof space where comes out of the wall then vents through the roof. The wall behind the pipe used to be an...