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    Help identifying hose

    Thanks, I might replace both just to be safe is this the hose?
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    Help identifying hose

    The hose connecting my toilet to the mains supply was leaking last week so i've isolated it and looking to replace the hose. I've attached images of each end. It looks to me like 1/2BSP, male one end and female the other. Can someone confirm and perhaps give me the proper name for it so I can...
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    Building cloakroom toilet under the stairs on ground floor

    Like this Edit, sorry just re-read your post. You've already decided where the toilet is going.
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    Building cloakroom toilet under the stairs on ground floor

    the easiest place to do it with proper waste connection will be as close to an existing waste stack as possible. Directly under your existing toilet would be easiest most likely but that is inside your family room. If that isn't an option, perhaps build a small extension on the side of your...
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    Would a new boiler help?

    I've finished a loft conversion a year or so ago which included a shower room. It works fine but I feel it lacks pressure. If I turn the flow up to max, it doesn't get overly hot and still isn't as strong a flow as i'd like. I have a combi boiler in the kitchen providing all the hot water...
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    300mt phone extension

    As far as i'm aware, the BT master socket belongs to BT and you're not allowed to move it. Hopefully you mean you want to add an extension off the back of it? 300m is a very long distance and you will definitely notice a reduction in broadband sync speed. As the poster above said, your voice...
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    Help me out with my re-wiring project? (Ethernet)

    pulling cables through plasterboard walls is not as easy as you might think it is. I think you might struggle to get from one room to another. Take a look at this image You'll hit both vertical and horizontal studs. Also...
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    5 quotes later......

    It can be tough to find good tradesmen. I've had a bit of luck using those "wretched rated people sites", but also have asked for recommendations from people in my area on
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    wet room shower

    you will definitely need to tank the area. Tile grout will eventually let water through and concrete is porous. Tank the whole area. My personal favorite is to use this on the floor: and this on the...
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    fitting a shower tray

    laminate flooring will generally have some sort of underlay which will (even if it's been compressed) have a little 'give' in it. This could lead to leaks in the future. Ideally, shower trays should be installed on solid and stable floors.
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    Ethernet cable running externally

    That doesn't seem to be external grade so you will have to put in it some sort of trunking to protect it.
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    Ethernet cable running externally

    just use external grade cable. no need to use trunking if you don't want to. I recommend, using ethernet wall plates in each room on an external wall and run external grade cable between them
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    A switch to power a Bathroom TV off - help needed

    i've never installed one but i have them in a couple of bathroom mirrors so i've seen them in action. should be easy to install
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    A switch to power a Bathroom TV off - help needed

    if you're wiring the tv to a plug/socket in the loft, you could either: a) use one of those remote control sockets which allow you to turn devices on/off via remote. i.e. b) use a plug in timer switch to isolate...
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    Shelving query

    1. choose wood, get cut to the correct length for your shelves. 2. mark wall with horizontal lines where your shelves will go 3. install floating shelf brackets at (i'd guess) 50cm centers at most 4. offer up a shelf to the brackets on the wall and mark post positions on shelf 5. drill...
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    Garage Re-Furbishment!

    what you do to it will depend on a) your intended use and b) your budget. If you want to go all out then here's what i'd do: I would gut and clean the entire room. remove all dirt/grime/grit. Remove any loose debris from the walls. Clean and make good any cracks/holes. Skim with plaster...
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    Garage Re-Furbishment!

    The pit is for working on the underside of your car like they have in commercial garages. Whoever lived there before you did you a hugefavour by putting one in. Does it have drainage at the bottom of it? Sometimes it'll just have a sump. it also looks like you have really high ceilings which...
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    Loft Ariel Install Advise

    you considered taking the cable out of the loft to outside then running straight down the wall and into your lounge? often sounds harder, but can really be simpler than chasing out plaster inside the house or, here's some flat self-adhesive cable you can paint over...
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    Garage Re-Furbishment!

    I assume you want to use it as an actual garage for actually working on cars and stuff. if so... strip it, clean it, paint walls, put down some good floor paint, install some cabinets/worktop - done. optional: get a comfy chair, a fridge, some beer and a subscription to playboy
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    Downstairs loo/cloakroom make over

    for the lid, just get one of these and paint it whatever colour you want. as for the wood/tile joint at the threshold, you can get threshold trims to accommodate different height flooring. see here for ideas...