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    Broken boss?

    Hi Guys. I had a look at a leak for a mate, He has an old asbestos soil stack, and the boss (joining the bath waste to the stack) has snapped! Any idea for fixing this without replacing the entire stack?
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    Guttering problem

    Has it always been like this or just recently started to happen
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    banging pipes

    Maybe you've turned the stopcock on further than it was before increasing the pressure causing water hammer? Or where its been turned off and on, if youve been doing work on the system its a possibility of an air lock.
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    Cast iron dran pipe

    Some has asked me to paint a cast iron drainpipe. The older paint on there is flaking off so i take i i should rub it all down first. Is there any particular process to follow or is it just rub down and paint?
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    Overfilling Cistern

    Sorted itself out? Happy days! If it sorted itself out could of just been a bit of grit stuck onto the washer or workings of it =]
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    PTFE on compression fittings?

    Ok guys, thanks to all of you =] learnt a bit about what to use, and your opinions on this. Didnt think it would turn into such a large debate. But thanks for your input guys! If i had the time to thank you all i would!!
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    PTFE on compression fittings?

    OK i started this topic and haven't had a input yet. To me it sounds like a bicycle helmet.. Some people like to wear it to be on the safe side. Some people don't wear one because it makes you like a spanner PTFE Translation: I'm going to use it just to make sure I'm not going...
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    Sealing around the bath? Whats going on?

    right ok, Im guessing the first thing to check is if all the legs are actually on the floor? Any other common things i should be looking for
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    Sealing around the bath? Whats going on?

    Thanks for the response guys, I was thinking of taking a look under the bath before i do it to check the supporting legs and floorboards to see if theres any movment. If i find there is movment there can i raise the legs a little and slide a board or some battons under there to spread the...
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    Sealing around the bath? Whats going on?

    Hi guys, My parents decided to let a painter and decorater to fit a bath a few years back! The seal around the bath just dosnt stick, bit of a problem when where having showers as the water finds its way down the side of the bath into the kitchen, Tried re-sealing it numerous times but always...
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    PTFE on compression fittings?

    Yeah thats a pretty good explenation, Thats a on-going arguments ive been having with a mate of mine :D
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    PTFE on compression fittings?

    Alan seams to think strongly about this :P I remember when i was in college, a boy done it on a gate valve, tapes up the threads, i remember my tutor said something about it stopping the olive from compressing.
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    PTFE on compression fittings?

    Guys, i see alot of plumbing where people have put ptfe on compression fittings? i never have used it, but are you meant to or not?
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    Fixing toilet to floor

    To Be Honest i dont think it really makes a big difference what you use, as long as you dont go swinging on it it should be fine
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    Bathroom basin.......

    First of all be carefully not to tighten the screws to much, i over tightend some once..not a good think, bye bye basin! Maybe try some basin fixing brackets?
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    Dishwasher - waste pipe wrong type for fitted trap

    Unfortuently i cant see the first picture for some reason. Why isnt the waste pipe fitting, Is it two big? Small?
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    need to replace mains stopcock

    Probally work out about the same price, and better in the long run to just fit a new one mate =]
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    Leaking service valve

    I had the exact same problem with my w.c cistern, Alingment was a problem, so i used a flexi, but as seco said, it still leaked for me as the plastic threads where damaged. Ended up putting a new fill valve in.
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    Gainsborough 8.5 E Problems?

    Hmm, Ok Thanks for the reply buddy