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    Fused Spur

    Many thanks hopefully problem solved.
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    Fused Spur

    I have a fused spur socket taken off the ring main which is fitted with a 13 amp fuse. There are two single sockets run (in line) from the fused spur. One socket is used to power a washing machine, the other is spare. Can I convert the spare socket to a fused (3amp) switch to run a power...
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    Extractor Fan/Power Shower Wiring

    I have 2 question: 1. can I wire an extractor and a power shower to the same fcu (mounted outside of the bathroom) so that the extractor only comes on when the shower is used. The wattage for the Extractor is 15w/shower 6w. The recommended fuse rating for both is 3 amp. 2. The power...