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    Honeywell DMG 970 v3 gas valve

    I am doing that but in all expectations, I do no expect they will advise me on rival suppliers.
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    Honeywell DMG 970 v3 gas valve

    Hello...Is there a cheaper alternative box of tricks to the Satronic/Honeywell DMG 970 v3 for my Gas Fired Stanley Super Star 80,000, single burner. (heat/cook) circa 1993. I am trying to look forward and buy in a replacement for when my existing DMG 970 v3 needs to be replaced. I have a 2009...
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    Alternative to Cuprinol Ducksback Shed & Fence Treatment

    Hello Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced alternative to Cuprinol Ducksback Shed & Fence Treatment 5L Forest Oak I generally pay £13.00 including delivery for 5l at but they cannot supply at this time. Amazon have an advert for 5L with a price of £40+ and...
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    Damp party wall

    Hi JohnD I don't understand your point about the waterpipe. The floor is timber but will be replaced with solid; 4" slab over some insulation.
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    Damp party wall

    Hi. I need to deal with a "rising" damp solid party wall of a 1890s small mid terrace. (I put rising in quotes as I subscribe to the waste of time of most chemical etc treatments) The adjoining property has a floor level of 10" or so higher than the one I am dealing with. I am...
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    Electric Showers

    ++1 just fitted it, good quality, good price.
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    Stanley Gas Boiler

    Thanks cider Yes there is, but it doesnt tie up (relate to) original layout. It leaves questions unanswered. A "this is what needs to be changed" is what i'm looking for.
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    Stanley Gas Boiler

    Gas Fired Stanley Super Star 80,000, single burner. (heat/cook) circa 1993. I need to replace the existing control box 'Satronic TFI 852 B' with its replacement 'Honeywell DMG 970 Mod 02'. (some paperwork show it as TF 1852) I am told that 'minor' rewiring for the existing control box base...
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    Replacing hotpoint tumble dryer drum belt

    Hotpoint - Reversomatic plus, tumble dryer, Mod No 9320w Hi, can any one help me on how to replace a broken drum drive belt on the above. I have started to strip the cabinet down but it appears as though I have to do a complete strip down to replace the belt. Surely thre is an easier way of...