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    replacement combi boiler

    Hi Whitespirit66, I'm in Cardiff and interested in one of these, do you know anyone who can supply and fit? Cheers
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    Faulty Ferroli 77 FF - Does it sound like the gas valve?

    Hi, my boiler has been little used in the last 2 years but has generaly become less and less reliable. A friend of mine has done some fault diag on it and thinks I need a new gas valve. If I turn the hot water on we get hot(ish) for a minute or so and then it goes cold. If you leave the tap on...
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    Ferroli Combi 77 FF Help Pls!

    [/url] It's not on their web site, it's too old. You need to email [email protected] requesting the manual and they will email it to you or you can email me and I will. It's 4Mb
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    Whitespirit66 Wrote Re the Broag Remeha Avanta 28c: Someone called HPS (never used them) is doing them for £500 plus VAT/del. Good for a quality boiler This is now back to normal price but still only £556 plus VAT/del