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    Water soaking through shed walls. Help!

    Gutters will make a big difference. Post a couple of photos of the outside of the shed
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    Dust control equipment hire - house renovation

    Is there any option to be out of the house while the work is going on? Rent a flat? Stay at a friends? Go on holiday? Park a caravan on your drive? It would get you away from the dust and let the guys crack on with the work........
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    Coal bin opening door

    If you want a coal bunker, you can sometime get them cheap/free on gumtree etc
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    School Bus Stopping Outside House. Kids entering driveway and came up to window. Scratched car.

    Get one of those PIR car scarers that attaches to the end of your garden hose, that'll teach them :evil:
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    Best paint that money can buy?

    Painting your walls pure brilliant white, that would be a bit much for me!!
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    Keeping cats out of the garden?

    Is you neighbour angry John?
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    Front timber gate

    The wickes gate is probably the sort of thing that will fall apart in 5 yrs. Go on, post a photo of your current gate. You can make a basic picket style gate very cheaply and easily (if you have a few tools)
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    Ply type and thickness for van walls

    Usually 5.5/6mm cheapest ply you can get, try and avoid battens as much as you can, just screw it straight to the metal
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    How to fully clear a drain

    There might be a problem like a broken pipe, roots etc. There are firms that will come out, clear the drain, and/or stick a camera down and do a cctv survey. They key would be getting someone local who is reliable and trustworthy.
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    Angle Grinder - Wattage, Button/Trigger, and Recommendations?

    It's not going to win any awards, but this will be fine for a bit of diy use:
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    What make is this ?

    Performance Power
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    Aldi's batteries for their power tools

    You can actually get wireless extension leads these days, they work suprisingly well. Think it works by bluetooth or something
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    Clearing other side of boundary fence

    They might even be getting some sort of grant/subsidy for leaving the strip of land to nature
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    Who/How can this be repaired? Telephone box on house

    I don't have a landline so I cut the cable and removed it. If you don't use it, no point keeping it
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    Aldi's batteries for their power tools

    Plenty of it about now to recycle the old batteries, especially as the price goes up
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    Aldi's batteries for their power tools

    I know some people love them, but this is the disadvantage with cordless tools from lidl and aldi. With the big brands like Milwaukee/Dewalt/Makita/Hikoki etc etc if at any point in the future you want more batteries/chargers/tools, you can just buy them with no drama
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    Aldi's batteries for their power tools

    At this rate by the time you get the battery it will have been superseded by a new version that is not compatible :giggle:
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    How to increase mowing speed on small lawns

    Wheeled mowers are faster over longer distances (straight runs), in a small area the turning slows you down. I've never got on with hover mowers, would much rather use a strimmer, which would be faster than a wheeled mower in a small/odd shaped area.
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    How to increase mowing speed on small lawns

    Post some photos of the garden. Is there no way of making ramped sections between the lawns so the mower doesn't have to go up and down the steps?
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    Got a lot of tree/bush removal to do.....

    You need a decent strimmer with a mulching blade for most of that. Don't try and clear the lot (unless you're planning on building on it?), just make a way in so you can see what's there. Pull out any rubbish as you go, pile up the bricks/rubble. You could pay a local...