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    Wood Siding

    I had some wood siding completed on a property renovation - it was to be completed to Trada Regulations. A month after the work was complete, the nails used have begun to rust, see attached pictures. I have spoken to the builder whom advises that the work completed is acceptable and to Trada...
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    Ceresit Render Appliction

    I require some advise before I meet with my builder to discuss the render finish to my property. In short, I had a side extension built and part of the work scope was to re-render the side and rear of my property inc. the new side extension. My property previously had a bad render job (cement...
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    Architrave around UPVC Sash Windows

    The windows were discussed before any work commenced and it was written that windows were to be made good. Now I understand "made good" is to repair and bring back to its original condition. The builder never raised any concerns before or during the work until I requested it stop. I cannot...
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    Architrave around UPVC Sash Windows

    I am in the process of a house refurbishment and had a company fit UPVC Sash Windows, the finishing off was to be completed by others - my builder agreed that this could be undertaken by them. The old windows were wooden and too far gone to be saved so the box was removed etc hence quite a bit...