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    Sealing a garage door from drafts

    Guys, Any advice or tips on how best to draft proof around a garage door? i.e. products, materials fittings Cheers Jedi
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    External Garage downlights

    Hi GaryMo, Thanks for that, ill look for them. Do you know a good place to get a Kelvin lamp colour chart as dont want the light to be orange nor mega bright? Cheers
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    External Garage downlights

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to fit 2 downlights 2 the soffit on my garage to light up infront of the garage door and to also look "pretty" :oops: Any advice available would be good i.e what type of downlights are best to use 240v or 12v, recommended wattages, is there specific lights for this...
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    pipe work for central heating system

    Hi There, i am looking to fit a combi boiler and am stuck on running the pipe work? basically whats the best way to do this? as to me ripping up the entire upstaris floor to cut slots in the rafters would be easiest but there must be a less disruptive way? Any ideas/suggestions welcome...
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    Central Heating System

    Hi Guys, Im looking to fit a central heating system into my house. Currently got storage heaters :( Im looking to purchase the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30CDi has anyone fitted or have one of these and let me know if its any good? Also does anyone know of any good online places to...