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    Mould on raked ceiling

    Thank you for getting back! Had a feeling the vents weren’t helping things.
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    Mould on raked ceiling

    Thanks. Is there any reason it’s worse this year? Was it the extra insulation in other areas? We are surprised because of the extra venting put in. We have located a contractor to come and look but they all have 3-4 month run in time. What’s the best way to deal with this problem in the interim?
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    Mould on raked ceiling

    Hi We have been having a problem with mould on our raked ceilings (see pictures). This is affecting 2 bedrooms at the front of the house and the bathroom at rear (corner room). The property details are- Built in 1930, semi detached. Solid brick construction. Pitched roof. 150mm of loft floor...
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    Insulating a corner bedroom, raked ceiling- very cold

    We live in a 1930's semi with a raked ceiling. The corner box room is freezing and there is a small amount of mould on the curved section. The internal walls were insulated with about 1cm (guesstimate) of plasterboard type material in 1990s. The windows are PVC double glazed. Can we improve the...