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    Painting K-Rend

    Hi all painters out there. Has anyone had to deal with painting K-Rend yet. Find this and similar products being used a lot now on the exteriors. I have two clients already having problems, one was from a 125mm vent pipe being drilled through the upper part of a wall leaving a very large 2...
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    white emulsion but which one

    Just another thought! if the ceilings are old textured, then the paint does collect on the points of the hanging texture finish, these then drip for some time even after you have moved on to another area of the ceiling, very annoying.
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    white emulsion but which one

    I find that rolling too fast with a lot of paint on the roller is the biggest reason for paint spatter. Slow and steady is my style. I see no end of 'snowmen' in the paint shop collecting paint, mind you, I may just now be old and slow!
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    Painting over Dulux Trade Supermatt, how long to wait?

    Allow 24 hours just to ensure the supermatt is fully dry, it can lift off in places if you paint over too quick with too many coats. New plaster, even a skim coat will still have a high moisture content if re-wetted.
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    Plasterboard walls in a right state after removing wallpaper

    Sounds just the job. I would always leave the 2 mist coats to dry for 24 hours before top coats. Some times, if you try and get on to the top coats too soon even though they feel dry to the touch, it can lift the mist coat in places and I put this down to the paint being still too soft and not...
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    Would YOU have primed this wall?

    No, it was not to save money. The Glidden trade Contract matt, is a non-vinyl paint and using it allows you to give the walls a good base coat and check that all your prep work is ok before applying your top coats, which as you say is Diamond matt. The Diamond matt has a vinyl content and...
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    Pre and post 2010 paints

    :( Some of us will regret the passing of good old spirit based paint !!! I would not try mixing the paints if they were of a different age. If you must make use of them, the pre 2010 tins I would use on woodwork with plenty of light, maybe like window sills upstairs or something. If you...
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    Would YOU have primed this wall?

    You say this is the bathroom, have no idea how you keep the water in the basin, :lol: but this is most likely just to have been a blue paint of either vinyl silk or if the property was old enough, then good old oil eggshell, or even gloss. The colour choice of blue gives it away !! Very...
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    Old emulsion comming off when repainted!

    Sometimes using a soft brush can allow paint to be applied quite quickly without disturbing any already dry paint underneath. It's worked for me in the past when I have suspected a patch of paint has not been quite as stable as it should be while I am adding a paint coat. Good luck with the...
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    interior wall cleaning of a stone wall

    I would leave the lichen where it is, it looks right in place. If you were sure you wanted to get it off, then I would put some old painting or cloth sheets on the floor, but crumpled up right close to the wall, then set too with a little washing up liquid and warm water, using a couple of...
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    Old emulsion comming off when repainted!

    I think jimmy, that the original bathroom paint did not take very well in particular to the surface area around the sink. As you say it is an en-suite bathroom, would it be a new addition on an old house or even a new build? Is it possible that someone had used a standard vinyl paint...
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    Tops of Doors

    Interesting point there fellow decs. Taught by old veterans back in the late 60s and early 70s, a swift clip around the ear would be given if you had failed to paint the top and bottom of any door that faced outdoors. ( Hinges were removed and oiled while the door was off ) This was to...
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    White paint going yellow!!!

    Dec, i got the opinion from the original post that this was just a temporary problem that left a damp stain, usually orange in colour, and that no efloresence was showing, a common occurance with some short term water damage. Long term damp does indeed draw out the salts to the surface and for...
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    matt finish on exterior wood?

    I love some confusion on a job! :lol:
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    paint cracking - how to get good adheasion?

    Thanks for that dcdec, but on balance as the problem is only a an issue with getting matt emulsion,to coat over a previous matt emulsion and new plaster, I would generally have gone for the 123 first, and not bin as no oil paint is involved. Gardz is another option but again this stuff tackles...
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    White paint going yellow!!!

    Yes runnerjp, sound advice from vibro. If you only have a small damp stain on the wall problem, I would try a coat of Oil based undercoat, let it dry for at least 24 hours then add a second coat if needed. Then return to using your original paint which I am guessing is just ordinary matt emulsion.
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    paint cracking - how to get good adheasion?

    Hi again chrispollin, Zinsser is best bought over the internet, the prices tend to stack up if you use your local trade centres and order through them as they need to make a profit. One company I use is They should be able to...
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    paint cracking - how to get good adheasion?

    chrispollin, I would like to ask if you had washed down the walls with sugar soap before you started painting? Quite often the crackle glaze effect you had in your new coat of paint comes from applying 2 differing types of paint that do not like each other so to speak, it can also be a...
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    Removing artex ceiling

    Jenny, just get it tested before you do anything, its about £30 to £40 to test a small sample and this will confirm what is on your ceilings. If you wanted to get the ceiling plastered over, the plasterer could help you with info on testing if he is any good.
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    bubble in wallpaper?

    The air bubbles usually have nothing inside, they just go rock hard after a couple of coats of paint. You could try cutting them out which is ok if it's just few here and there, but if the person papering was getting bubbles, then it is likely that there may be quite a few ! If its a...