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    turning off w.c. light, resets ceiling fan!

    OK thanks lads, Well IAW The Wiki I have a "looped at the switch" set-up. So only have a single twin and earth coming out of the ceiling. As you say the IKEA lights only have the 3 connections ( This has an earth), and I have connected all 3 correctly. The light functions as it should, its...
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    turning off w.c. light, resets ceiling fan!

    Hi All Got a bit of an issue! Yesterday I fitted a new light fitting in my downstairs cloakroom. All fitted OK, works fine but noticed last night when I turn it off (turning it on causes no issues) it resets the light/ceiling fan unit in the living room! The ceiling fan+light when first...
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    Creaking stud walls

    Hi, iIve just moved into a 2001 house which has stud walls between the main bedrooms and there accompanying un-suites. The problem is that in both of these rooms, there is really loud creaking in the area of the floor adjacent to the separating stud wall and door between the un-suite and...
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    Shotgun Cabinet

    Hi, Can any of you experts help me? I have just moved into a house built in 2001 and all the walls are dry lined, but somehow I need to mount a shotgun cabinet to one of the main walls. Any ideas how I can go about this. I’ve moved from an all brick Victorian house where it was previously...