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    Ridge Beam Enough?

    Apologies for last thread, last time I looked there were no replies and for some reason I dont get notifications on that thread. Thank you for the replies, I forget how hard it is to imagine a project without images. I am stuck at work at the moment, so snapped up a quick drawing (not to scale...
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    Ridge Beam Enough?

    @priceofdarkness - Not against collar ties but such a low pitch it doesnt seem worthwhile. I thought a ridge beam got rid of the need of ties as the weight is on the beam and wall going down, provided the beam doesn't sag/bend there should be no outward force on wall, right? @woody - Not sure...
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    Ridge Beam Enough?

    Hi, looking for general opinions and options for my roof on my self build extension. It was last year I did the plans and cant remember how I calculated the ridge beam size, and now I have installed it I am doubting myself. Quick facts:- Beam is 75mm x 225mm C24 Rafters are 47mm x 175mm C24...
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    Ridge beam to rafters connection

    Hi, new to here and currrently doing my biggest diy job to date. It is a single storey extension with a 25 degree pitched roof to have a vaulted ceiling. Currently just finished walls. Our drawings show the top of the rafters resting against the ridge beam as normal. But in my head the pitch...