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    Bath sealant keeps deteriorating

    I have a bath tub that I replace the bath seal about once a year as it keeps deteriorating. What would cause a seal to deteriorate? I used unibond bath sealant. Is there a better product out there which will stop me having to replace the seal once a year?
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    Mortar repairs to back addition

    if the damaged mortar is repaired, how long do new mortar tend to last?
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    Mortar repairs to back addition

    yes, the junction of main roof and back roof are filled with mortar which has degraded with time and leaking. The roofer has recommended that the mortar be repaired.
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    Mortar repairs to back addition

    My house has a back addition and the tiles between the main roof and this back addition are joined by mortar filling. This has become damaged with time and so water is leaking through the mortar. Roofer recommends that this mortar is repaired but obviously this will have limited life time...
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    Electronic Scale Reducer - Hydroflow

    British Gas has recommended that we get a Hydroflow for our Potterton combi boiler which is 10 years old. They have quoted £175 including VAT. Is this worth having or are they just trying to flog work?
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    Train noise when toilet flush

    Whenever I flush my downstairs toilet the pipes make a really odd loud noise like a train hooting as it drives past! Any help on what could be causing this?
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    Do I need a gas safe engineer to connect a wall timer?

    Do I need a gas safe engineer to connect a digital wall timer to a boiler or will an electrician do?
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

    I had a new storage heater installed and the electrician report stated that the timeswitch equipment seals to the off peak consumer unit were removed by persons unknown. I assume that this means that the timeswitch is there but someone had tampered with the seal. This indicates that the...
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

    I think this may be a bone of contention from the replies to my post which I will need to manage. My argument would be that any equipment before the consumer unit belongs to the supplier as occupants are not meant to tamper with equipment before the consumer unit, that is the meter and so it...
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

    The arrangement used to be the first of your description until the current meter was installed two years ago so it is now your second arrangement. The external timers are placed between the meter and the off peak consumer unit to which the storage heaters are connected. These timers appear...
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

    So effectively you are saying that the external timers are responsible for cutting the supply off from the off peak consumer unit during the day rather than the meter?
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

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    Selection switch

    This has now been sorted with a horstmann boost switch. The boost is used for the bottom immersion heater which is not needed except when the top heater breaks down and we have to wait for dynorod to come and replace the top immersion heater under our maintainance contract. Been going for a...
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

    I know that but just wondered if the meter is responsible for switching the off peak consumer unit on and off as I was told before I tell them as it may have nothing to do with the meter.
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

    the former so the supply to the storage heaters are recorded as peak prices since it is supplied during the day.
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    Economy 7 meter faulty?

    I have an economy 7 meter which has reading for peak and off peak cycles. I am told it is meant to send a signal to the off peak electricity consumer unit and turn this on during the off peak cycle. The storage heaters are connected to this off peak consumer unit and so should only receive...
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    How to remove door bolt at bottom of door

    My balcony window has 2 doors. They each have a security bolt at the top and at the bottom. The one at the bottom of the left door no longer works when I turn the lock key. How do I remove the bolt to put a new one in? The door is stuck so I can not see how to access the bolt.
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    Not using timer function on air extractor

    I have an air extractor that has a timer on it and has been rigged up to switch on when the bathroom light is switched on and then stays on for the timed period after the light is switched off. If I want to make this turn on when the light is switched on and off when the light is switched...
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    Fantom extractor fan

    So you guys think it is the fan and not the wiring or a power supply problem in the property?