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    corsa envoy

    all you need is to have the key reprogrammed, also check inside the key to check the immobilser chip is still there? its a very small black block
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    Help! Rover 200 Remote Central Locking Failure

    if you locked the car using the fob then th alarm WILL go off if you use the key. to replace the battery for the fob, remove battery and press the buttons a few times and the fit the new battery and hopefully it should work if not the next option would be reprograming of the transponder fobs
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    Rover 25 Plug problems

    the rubber insulator sounds like it has broke, oil on the tip of the plug could be ..................the dreaded head gasket
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    Vauxhall Corsa Leaning

    def spring changed loads under warranty.
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    Corsa 1.0 - lack of power

    had the same prob with a similer corsa also 1.0ltr 12v, firstly it had an idle fault, checked fot codes code was an idle air control valve, replaced it and a modified loom, week later light comes back on, only code was Lambda sensor, cleared code and it never came back on but the car had no...