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    extra drainage? MoT base (Duplicate thread)

    I'm in the middle of building a fence and laying down some chippings. I've dug out ready for a sub base, my plan was to just stick some Mot type 1 down and compact it, then a layer of sand, then gravel grids and back fill. Somebody has now told me that the Mot type 1 may cause drainage issues...
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    Is Mot type 1 permeable?

    Yeah I've read about that thanks, do you think it needs the extra drainage of the type 3? Or will I be ok with the type 1? The front edge is the front lawn
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    Is Mot type 1 permeable?

    I'm looking to put chippings down to the side of our house (hopefully I've attached a pic) It's only 2.4m x 6.5m, my plan is to put some Mot type 1 down as a sub base, layer of sand on top, then gravel grids on top and backfill. Do I need some sort of drainage/soakaway for this small area or...
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    Engineered oak flooring on new screed

    Corazones, I am in exactly the same position as you, bought the rapitest last week too. Anyway i've been to site to test the new screed and in some parts (particularly corners) its up to 25-28% and the builders are pressuring us to lay the new floors (21mm eng & tiles) Would you say this...
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    21mm engineered floor, glue vs float?

    Hi Gents, We've just bought 75msq worth of engineered flooring for the whole of the downstairs in our new place. We're still tossing up whether to glue the flooring direct to the screed or float the flooring over some decent underlay? I like the idea of glueing just because it sounds more...