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    Walked away from a job today, what would you have done ?

    Been there mate. Corgiman is spot on. Send them a bill for the callout, regardless of whether she pays or not maybe she'll show some respect in future.
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    Retraining - Any Advice?

    Hi Folks, Relatively new to this forum so hi to you all. There seems to be lots of great advice on here so well done to you all. I'll be 30 in a few months time and I've been thinking on retraining or going back to college as I'm just not making enough money at the moment. I know...
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    horrible squeeling

    I'm having a similar issue... not so much a squeeling as a grinding sort of noise. Fluid levels are good and there don't appear to be any leaks. My knowledge of cars is fairly limited to say the least; how do you tell if the belt is knackered?
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    2005 mondeo 155 tdci central locking issue

    Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery? This seems to 'reset' the electrical systems. It worked when I had trouble with my electric windows but there was a wee drill you had to go through in the Haynes manual so they worked properly again. My poor wee Mondeo seems to be...
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    Replacing an electric shower - inlet question

    Yeah! My Dad made that mistake when we were young... We were all wondering why the isolator kept melting! Cheers for the help. I think I'll go for a Mira all things considered as that Instatrim gizmo is £20+ on its own and I'm seeing Mira's for £90 online. Can't beat that.
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    becoming self employed

    Also: Check out VistaPrint, I got 1000 full colour business cards printed front and back for £35 delivered including VAT. Dish them out to anyone who will take them, you don't know who they might pass them on to. They also do fliers, keyrings, posters... Get another SIM card and keep...
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    becoming self employed

    Gumtree's a good place to start mate; your ads will even show up on Google if you word them well.
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    Replacing an electric shower - inlet question

    Hi Folks, Having repaired my current shower three times or more due to various component failures over the years I have decided to finally install a new shower. Electrics I'm quite comfortable with but plumbing's not a forte of mine. My problem is this: the current shower is fed by an...