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    Potterton HE Plus error code E133

    Hi guys, I have a Potterton HE Plus boiler just coming up to 6 years old. It was installed in my new-build house. Recently started getting E133 error. A reset usually solves the problem and then it comes back after a week or maybe a few days. So i called a Gas Safe Heating Engineer to have a...
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    fused switched spur for underfloor heating

    my underfloor heating thermostat requires a L and N feed. Right below it behind the wall there is a electrical double socket. This double socket is spurred off another double socket which is exactly opposite on the other side. From what I understand, you if the socket has two feeds, then you can...
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    Weed fabric

    :? am i missing something? dont quite understand the crystal balls comment. is it supposed to be a comment indicating dislike of artificial grass?
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    Weed fabric

    It's for artificial grass
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    Weed fabric

    I am laying and compacting sub base in my garden before laying paving sand. I have a heavy duty puncture resistant weed fabric. Most people seem to recommend putting the weed fabric above the sub-base after it has been compacted. I was thinking of putting it below the sub-base to be more...
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    Decking Question

    I'm doing an IPE hardwood deck. I am in two minds about whether or not to do staggered joints. One option is to have all the joints at the same point. This will mean that when looking towards the deck I will have two lines vertical lines which will be the joints. Or should I go for a staggered...
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    Rendering Flower Bed

    I am making a few rectangular flower beds with timber and covering with external ply. Adding a layer of membrane too. I want to give the outer side of the flower bed a render look that I can paint over. The outer wall is ply, so one option is to put galvanized netting and render over this...
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    Oiling IPE Decking

    Thanks, i'll give Silva Timber a call. Can I use something like osmo 420 UV on top of another coating of oil, or can i just apply the Osmo 420 UV directly on the IPE? or i am assuming the 420 UV is just to protect from UV but i still need another oil for weathering?
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    Oiling IPE Decking

    Thanks for your reply. I applied a bit of water evenly on the IPE deck to create a patch and see what kind of colour a clear oil might give. By applying water it darkens the colour and I kind of like the wet colour. Just wondering, if I get clear decking oil, will that darken the colour just...
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    Oiling IPE Decking

    Hi Guys, I'm new here. I've just purchased some new IPE deck boards (picture1) for my garden deck project. I am confused as to what oil to use to oil it and prevent it from weathering and changing silver/grey. I am after a dark brown shiny colour as pictured in picture2. Does anyone know what...