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  1. J

    unsafe installation?

    Hi everyone. this post maybe should be in the CC section but as I'm no longer registered I can't get in there! If a moderator feels like moving it there I just hope I'll get to see any replies there might be. I'm not asking for tips as I won't be doing any gas work but want my facts correct...
  2. J

    Cutting kitchen worktops

    The sink should have a 10mm lip so there's no problem with using a medium "upcutter" and sealing the cut-out. Downcutters are hard work with 40mm laminates and much more expensive than upcutters.
  3. J

    Which seal/stain for new wood oak worktop?

    Only ever use Danish Oil :)
  4. J

    Cutting kitchen pelmets - glossy white

    I'm usually working on "high end" semi bespoke kitchens and 99% of the time we screw from underneath. Countersink just enough for the screw head and it looks perfectly acceptable. The trick is to make it look intentional, so space the screws evenly widthwise & lengthwise. Mitre Bond will work...
  5. J

    Banging when zone valves close

    :lol: :lol: And the next time I've got some cartoons I'll be in touch :wink: Of course the question needs to be asked....How come everyone thought about counter rotation? Could it be from personal experience? Perish the thought :wink:
  6. J

    Banging when zone valves close

    Of course, with hindsight, I shouldn't trust Grundfos to assemble 2 identical pumps identically :roll: but maybe some instructions instead of childrens cartoons might have reminded me to check the orientation of the pump and not assumed that it would have been built the same way. As my...
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    Banging when zone valves close

    As several of you said about the direction of the pump & against my better judgement :oops: as it was an identical replacement, I just checked and guess what? :oops: :oops: :oops: The direction arrows are the opposite way than the previous pump :!: :!: I guess I'll be getting the big...
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    Banging when zone valves close

    Quite a bit to think about there Stan! Pump is fitted exactly as removed (I installed system 7 years ago) and yes there is overrun (Keston K170). Bypass fitted because 3 x 2 port valves could be closed at the same time so leaves a small loop for the boiler to keep circulating. When the...
  9. J

    Banging when zone valves close

    There's a pressure relief bypass on the flow nearby the boiler, but this wasn't altered when pump was changed. This is normally set at 2.5bar. I tried turning it down to 1bar but it made no difference to the noise. It is a big unvented system in an old & cold house with 170,000 condenser &...
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    Banging when zone valves close

    Hi, hoping someone can offer a solution! I recently had to replace my circulating pump when the last one got very noisy (bearing noises). Since then I have very loud banging noises ( really loud!) from the CH pipes when the 2 port valves close when room stats tell them to. I have turned...