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    DHW Heat exchanger...

    Cheers. Thats sounds like the one... Think I'll give it a try then!
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    DHW Heat exchanger...

    I've got a vaillant vcwgb242eh combi boiler. the DHW heat exchanger is leaking. Is this an easy fix? How much could I being looking at being charged to get someone to do it for me? I know a new DHW heat exchanger is around £80...
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    DHW heat exchanger on Vaillant VCW GB 242 EH / 282 EH???

    I've got a Vaillant VCW GB 242 EH or VCW GB 282 EH (not sure of the difference). The problem is I seem to have a leak on the DHW heat exchanger... Is this exspensive to replace?? Would parts still be available?? :cry: